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As the M'Hael finished up his instructions, Mikel prepared himself. He had tried to convince Avron to teach him to seize, and a little of the Power, but Avron had cautioned against it. It was best if they thought him inexperienced, that way they wouldn't dwell on him.

He tried assuming the void, but things kept taking his concentration away, drifting thoughts that intruded upon him. Thoughts of power, of glory. Not yet, they will come in time. He pushed the thoughts from his mind, willing himself to the task before him.

The Void finally came, almost as a relief. Mikel still knew his emotions, but it was as if they belonged to someone else. There was nobody but him in the Void. And then there was saidin . It was almost like having your eyes closed, and having a lantern hanging near your head, with the light still piercing your eyelids. It called to him, almost like a soft caress on his cheek. He felt compelled to touch it, which he tried, and….nothing. It felt as if he had tried to catch a fish in a river. He almost lost the void, frustration tried to pierce his calmness.

He tried once again, and he knew right away he had succeeded. The colors of the room sprang to life, the deep black of all their coats seemed to get even darker. He could smell a faint trace of scented soap from someone, probably Lysander. His hearing was also magnified, he could hear the faint tapping of one of the men's fingers upon wood. And that was just outside. Inside….he felt truly alive. It was exhilarating….

Mikel never wanted to let go of this. Ever. It just felt too good. He found his thoughts wandering, the Void was wavering. I know how to seize now, I don't need to stay here…but in some ways I do….I need to become a weapon…but not for this fool of a Dragon Reborn….NO!.....I fight my own fight….for myself.

Before he could rein himself in, he found himself speaking aloud. "All that power….to think what I could do with it….I could draw so much…"

Mikel realized as the last word left his mouth, and he looked up in consternation. He tried masking his surprise by putting on the most abashed face he could, hopefully it was good enough. Fool! Watch your tongue, or else it will be your head on the Traitor's Tree! Mikel realized that arguing with himself was useless, and that he had lost saidin.

I will learn to control it, and then we shall see what I can do….

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