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Enemies Duel
Thu Nov 9, 2006 18:41 (XFF:,

Kandra gripped his lathe tighter, looking around as everyone else paired up and found their own corner. He hadn't really made any friends since coming to the Tower, so he felt somewhat left out. His head jerked up as he felt someone coming near. Not felt exactly, but it was like sensing the person's presence.

"Seems as if you don't have a sparring partner yet eh? Well, now you do."

Kandra smiled. The man standing before him, the pasty-faced gangly youth who seemed to hate him, wore a smug grin.

"Well, that's a great idea. Hopefully you don't mind being embarrassed again?"

The man's grin faded with every word. A snarl replaced it.

"What happened at the knives lesson, that was a fluke! You won't best me again!"

The man positioned himself in front of Kandra, practice sword at the ready. Kandra started to mimic him, until a thought occurred to him.

"You never told me your name. I can't beat a man whose name I don't know."

The man's snarl contorted for a second, then partly formed into a smile. The combination made the man's face somewhat hideous.

"My name? My name is Kili Marlon. But soon it will be engraved in your mind, because of what I am about to do to you."

He lunged, barely giving Kandra enough time to react. The lathes clacked together in midair, and Kandra was driven back, albeit his advantage in size. In Kandra's moment of surprise, Kili swung low, catching his knee. Kandra hobbled back in pain, as his opponent backed off, a smile upon his face. Kandra lets the pain subside, then motions for Kili to try again. The man lunged forward again, slashing at Kandra's stomach. Kandra twisted his wrist, blocking the lathe. Twisting his blade counter-clockwise, Kandra sent Kili's lathe sliding downwards. Twisting it the opposite way, Kandra's lathe clacked sideways across Kili's jaw. The blow sent the man staggering, and Kandra moved in for the kill. Slashing across the man's stomach, Kandra felt, and heard, his lathe making contact with Kili's ribs, and the man's breath rushed out of him. His face contorting into a wordless smile, Kili fell to his knees, his forehead touching the ground, not moving. Kandra moved right in front of the downed man.

"Maybe next time you will learn not to underestimate me."

Heading off to leave his lathe on the rack, he watched some of the pairs still sparring.

Fool man! He gets under my skin so….

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