Darius al'Ceer
Thu Nov 9, 2006 22:41 (XFF:,

Darius had discerned a slight difference in the flow of Saidin, and now he knew why.
So, if there are 5 powers, he thought, and strength in them varies, then I hope mine can be used for healing. I won’t be much use if I kill my patients.

Shuddering slightly from an amalgam of emotions, those that wished to have the power fill them and those that never wanted to feel it again, he assumed the Void. The light of Saidin seemed to warm him, calling to him, like it was a long lost sibling.

He reached out and grasped it. This time, he managed it on the second try, filling him with the cold touch of an iceberg, yet at the same time folding him into the warm embraces of a thousand desert suns. He managed to isolate a current of the one power, and with difficulty a slim, lithe flow of crimson Fire departed.

It definitely wasn’t his strongest, and he barely managed to hold it. Then, he isolated another current, and this one was far easier. A silvery thread extended, and he caught his breath as he beheld his strongest element, Spirit. After that came Water, Air, and Earth. His mouth quirked slightly in what would turn into a smile, but caution made it disappear.

He arranged them, simple loops, and held them. He was feeling tired, and hungry, like he hadn’t eaten or slept in days. His skin was burning with Saidin’s might, freezing with its power. With difficulty, he forced his mouth to say the required words:

“M’Hael, my powers are Spirit, Water, Air, Fire, and Earth in that order.” Shivering, he waited for his instructor’s leave to release the Source. He didn’t want to die on his first day, after all, and he had a sister to take care of when he attained the Dragon. He couldn’t do that lying in a coffin being eaten by hungry critters, and he wouldn’t fulfill his duty if he was unable to channel.

What a fine pickle I’m in, he mused. Amusement glowed from the Void’s barriers.

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    • Spirit — Darius al'Ceer, Thu Nov 9 22:41
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