Five Threads
Fri Nov 10, 2006 14:02 (XFF:,

Mikel almost sighed, tapping his fingers lightly on his knee. Avron had already explained this all to him, and he was getting impatient, ready to do something. Restrain yourself, the time will come…

He let the man Darius go first, for the simple reason to evaluate him. He smirked when the man said that his two weakest were Fire and Earth, those normally being men's strongest. If I didn't feel him channeling, I would say he was a woman in disguise.

When it was his turn, Mikel embraced saidin with gusto. It filled him with warmth, and he felt more alive than ever. How could he go on living knowing how sweet this was. The Void shook, and he pushed the thought out.

First came out Fire, it was glowing brightly, strong and vibrant. Next came Earth, he had decided to follow in the same order as Lysander. The green thread was considerably smaller than his thread of Fire. Spirit followed, and it was quite large. A little thinned than that of Fire, but larger than Earth. A yellow thread of Air was next, and Mikel found that it was thinner than those of Fire and Spirit, but a little thicker than that of Earth. The royal blue thread of Water came last, and Mikel was somewhat dismayed that it was the smallest of all. While Water was not the most useful, it would have been nice. But I can't have them all, can I?

He let go of saidin , a struggle due to it's sweetness, but Mikel forced himself. He looked over at the M'Hael. "M'Hael, my strengths are Fire, Spirit, Air, Earth and Water. In that order."

He watched as the other man merely nodded, and turned to the next recruit. It sometimes burned Mikel that he was so insignificant around here, but he soothed that by telling himself how great he would become. Mikel stared out the window. So now we are released to the Black Tower. What surprises await?

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