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In Life, There Are No Winners
Sat Nov 11, 2006 13:44 (XFF:,

Upon word that what they were supposed to attempt was a duel, Evie turned instinctively to Marietta, only to see that Liang had paired off with her. At that, she soon began scanning about to spy where Kaseko had gotten to, only to find that the younger of the two Yerodin sisters was off speaking with a pretty-looking Soldier boy. Light, but people were pairing off in such a bloody rapid manner, it seemed as though Evie might end up getting stuck with someone like–

Carley approached her, smiling superciliously. For all Evie knew, the girl might be intending to give off some general ambiance of warmth and approachability, but something about that hooked nose made her appear condescending and lofty. Of course, Evie was not one to poke fun at noses. Oh, heavens, no. Not with the elephantine badge of pride she herself wore in the centre of her face.

“Stevie, right?” Carley said, extending her hand.

Evie blinked. Stevie? What kind of deaf-blind-and-dumb parent would name their daughter Stevie? “Right,” she said with leaden sarcasm. “I suppose you’re Carson, then?”

The other woman laughed, smiling widely. “Carley, actually. Carley. You must have misheard my introduction.”

“Yep, I must have, eh?” Evie said, bracing her teeth. “Let’s just go on ahead with the duel, then?”

The two women, each clutching a lathe, squared off. Carley appeared confident in herself, though that could just as easily be a facade, given the woman’s less-than-incredible performance in the previous exercise. There was something cheeky in her that surpassed confidence, something rotten and manipulative beyond the veneer of pleasantries. Evie did not like Carley. In fact, Evie hated her. Gripping the wooden lathe, Evie hastened forth.

There was little the two women could do, being so uneducated, yet they both appeared to put their best foot forward in the attempt. Their wooden lathes slammed against one another, resonating uncomfortably; Evie felt the shockwaves course up her arms and into her body. Light. They continued. Carley, it appeared, had attached herself to an evasive stratagem, ducking and dodging accordingly as Evie pressed on the offensive. Long-limbed the Altaran woman might be, but she seemed readily able to dodge around her attacks.

“Keep it up, Stevie!”

Evie pressed forth, growing aggravated. Maybe if she had been taught something besides mindlessly hacking away, she’d know how to combat her! There was solace in the notion that exhaustion was gradually wearing on Carley’s face. Light, the woman had all but forgotten about the sword by her side, investing everything in constantly stepping backwards, artfully dodging around every attack she made. It was tormenting her.

“Oh, Light, kiss a flaming Trolloc!” Evie shouted in frustration, raising her sword overhead and charging at the other woman. Carley’s eyes widened in shock, but the other Soldier soon turned tail and fled. Had Evie been looking, she would have regarded it as a comical sight; now, though, she was frustrated past humour. Evie was sprinting after Carley, though the latter of the two appeared faster, spiriting across the grass with the grace of her long strides.

Eventually, Evie’s pace slowed, and Carley’s strides gradually grew shorter. Soon, the two women were panting and wheezing, trudging after each other languidly. Most of the other partners had finished their spars, and some were peering at them with amusing smiles.

“He didn’t say how we’re supposed to determine who wins and loses the spar,” Evie muttered, letting the sword fall limply to her side.

Marietta and Kaseko were laughing to themselves, and Liang stepped up, smirking. “I think when you look like that, you both lose.”

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