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Sun Nov 12, 2006 19:43 (XFF:,

Kieran always had known that his friend Zander was not exactly the sanest person around, but he never knew to what extent that insanity went. As he watched the demonstration with a grin, he finally learned that. Silly didn't even begin to explain what this little 'dance' looked like. By the positions Zander was making, Kieran could see how it could possibly help you in a combat situation, but it certainly made you look ridiculous when no opponent was around. Kieran couldn't help but feel a little reluctant when, after coming up from the roll, Zander announced that it was now their turn to go through the motions. Kieran moved away from the others, as instructed, and went through what Zander had done mentally.

Kieran closed his eyes, and began going through the motions as he remembered them. His sword was in the air, and he was balancing on his right foot, ready to bring the sword down as he brought his left foot down. Next came the side step, bringing his feet together. He ducked, slashing out towards a man's stomach, the motion a bit awkward because of the unfamiliarity with the lathe's length. A slash across to the other side, before he thrust the blade towards their chest. His left hand had dropped the hilt as he readied himself for the roll. This was probably the most dangerous with a real sword, because only could conceivably rollover one's own sword. Or even a stumble when one was coming onto a knee….

Without any warning, Kieran's knee slipped out from under him as he was making his way to getting up on it to do the final slash. The dirt beneath him was less stable than one would have liked, he realized as he got up, dusting off the indications of the slip. Kieran opened his eyes to see Zander coming towards him, and he shot him a don't-you-dare-say-anything look. As Zander watched, Kieran went through the motions again, even though it was fairly choppy since he wasn't used to the motions.

This time, as he was coming out of his roll, his knee did not slip out from under him, and he was able to complete the routine while his friend watched. Getting to his feet once again, Kieran looked over at Zander, already knowing that he was going to be told that he needed to be more fluid in his actions, so any words that Zander said fell on deaf ears. Kieran was more preoccupied with what was to come, knowing that his part in the lesson was soon.

  • Part Two: A Few Dance Steps...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Mon Oct 23 18:12
    Zander completed his rounds of the students gathered into rough ranks, inspecting their practise swords and their grips also. He corrected where appropriate, but mostly it was a mere quarter-inch... more
    • Stumbling — Soldier Kieran (Karen), Sun Nov 12 19:43
    • Part Three: A Duel or Two...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Mon Nov 6 08:43
      Zander glanced around at his, for want of a better word, students. He didn't like the word student, as it implied a dependence on some sort of authority figure, but it was the only way to really... more
      • Credits!!! YayAndy, Mon Nov 13 16:37
        Okay guys and gals, the lesson is over and everyone has posted (almost). And so, without further gilding the lily, here are the credits. Soldier Kieran (Karen) Soldier Evie Holinshed Soldier Kandra... more
      • RevelationsSoldier Kieran (Karen), Sun Nov 12 21:09
        As he was called forward, Kieran couldn't help but feel a bit standoffish, considering that smile and wink that Zander so readily gave him. He did not trust that good-natured grin for two seconds.... more
      • In Life, There Are No WinnersSoldier Evie Holinshed, Sat Nov 11 13:44
        Upon word that what they were supposed to attempt was a duel, Evie turned instinctively to Marietta, only to see that Liang had paired off with her. At that, she soon began scanning about to spy... more
      • Enemies DuelSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Thu Nov 9 18:41
        Kandra gripped his lathe tighter, looking around as everyone else paired up and found their own corner. He hadn't really made any friends since coming to the Tower, so he felt somewhat left out. His... more
    • Dance StepsSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Mon Oct 30 17:40
      Kandra watched as Zander demonstrated the poses, and then instructed them to repeat as they had seen. Kandra thought they looked a little foolish, but then again, he had no prior experience with... more
    • Two Left Feet?Soldier Evie Holinshed, Wed Oct 25 19:58
      Evie blinked. Zander was nuts. He was thoroughly, wholly, completely, fully, extensively, sweepingly, absolutely mind-numbingly nuts. She really didn’t have to . . . to do that thing, did she? That... more
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