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Sun Nov 12, 2006 21:09 (XFF:,

As he was called forward, Kieran couldn't help but feel a bit standoffish, considering that smile and wink that Zander so readily gave him. He did not trust that good-natured grin for two seconds. Feeling hesitant, Kieran took his place before Zander, and he couldn't help by look at his peers. Readying himself, Kieran saw Zander's nod, and began his attacks.

Both of them had gotten better with their sword skills since their last duel, and although Kieran had speed, Zander was still defending and deflecting his blows easily. Kieran still was not used to the length of the blade, and therefore, his movements weren't as smooth as they should have been. Kieran could tell the moment right after he began his lunge towards Zander's solar plexus that it was a bad idea, but it was already too late to stop the move. His belief was confirmed as he doubled over from his loss of breath from the attack to his stomach. As he brought the air back into his lungs, Kieran didn't even bother to listen to Zander, except when he heard the part about dueling partners, and he began to unceremoniously creep away. He hadn't gotten far enough away before Zander called him back, and he went to stand where he had been before. Light curse Zander for realizing he was trying to get away!

Zander began the attacks this time, and it was Kieran's time to defend. Kieran caught Zander's blade on the defense, but it didn't appear as if Zander was bothered by the fact his lathe had been stopped. Instead, Zander pushed their lathes down, and brought his face close to Kieran's. The words spoke were for his ears only.

"I didn't put you down for the sword type man, I thought knives were more you're thing. I know I do the sword, but that's just my cover, and it most certainly isn't part of yours. I checked you see, after you told me that is. It was a good night wasn't it?" Zander said this, and a sickening feeling filled him as the words began to filter through. I told him…what I am…?

His face blanched, and he didn't even realize that he had lost the grip on the lathe until Zander was handing it back to him. A worried look crossed Zander's face, but Kieran didn't acknowledge it. This man knew vital information about him, but how much, Kieran did not know. He didn't want to find out. He dueled with Zander until the end of the lesson, his mind not even half on what he was doing, and it showed with his poor swordsmanship. As soon as the class was dismissed, Kieran left without a word to Zander, and holed himself up in his room in the barracks. He was not going to face this now; he needed time to think, to figure out how much Zander knew.

OOC: Here you go. I think Kieran deserves more than a stiff drink after that ordeal. *grins*

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