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Light Beyond Life
Wed Nov 15, 2006 12:22 (XFF:,

It was more than exhausting on her body. That much had been expected. Coming to the Black Tower, Evie had known that this was the life. Swimming. Sword-swinging. Running. Light. And while the test in which Evie was forced to run a full lap around the Tower with hardly a pause to draw in a breath had pushed her to the aforementioned limits, it was nothing–nothing–when compared to the burden of the stress that had been placed on her mind.

After learning that Jairelle had indeed not been intending to insult her, Evie warmed up to the Dedicated a bit. She seemed friendly enough, at least, with the ability to carry on a halfway decent conversation. Nonetheless, as stimulating as the conversation might of been, it somehow seemed unable to compensate for every trial and tribulation through which she was driven.

Anger. Drinking. Hangover. Dirt. Pain. Coolness. Heat. Vertigo. Fatigue. Revulsion. Brightness. Suffocation. Boringness.

Despite each of these attempts, however, Evie felt no closer to touching the True Source. She was exhausted past frustration. She was just exhausted! Her saving grace, then, was presented to her as she was attempting again and again and again to embrace saidar. A fireball came careening out from her peripherals, only to be halted by whom she could only suspected was Jairelle. And there it was. And that was it. She embraced. It had been an instinct, suddenly, and she had succumbed to it. An instinct. She could channel. Relief was overwhelming.

Following this escapade, Jairelle returned her shortly to the classroom, becoming suddenly exposed to the nature of the One Power. She would be weaving an individual thread of the One Power for each of the Powers. To accomplish that, Jairelle was forced to press the invisible razor against her neck once more; to say that it was disconcerting would be to say that world had people. Oh, the world had people. Endless droves of them. And the threat of having her throat slit invoked endless droves of trepidation.

She would try, though.

Water. It was the first of the elements, and it had been woven in a smooth, silky blueness, deep and moist as the dregs of the Aryth itself. She channeled, and she was pleasantly surprised by how ample it was. Nothing compared to Jairelle’s attempt, of course, but compared to the fiasco that embracing had turned out to be, this was positively easy.

Air. And, just as soon as the excitement over Water’s size had come about, disappointment was slammed upon her. Air, for its yellow, butter-coloured exterior, was a far cry from the previous element. Hadn’t she been told that Water and Air were female elements? Huh. Well, nonetheless, she was able to weave it. Not well, but it was done.

Spirit. Again, as though Jairelle was deliberately attempting to toy with Evie’s head, she found comfort in weaving Spirit. It wasn’t quite as corporeal as Water had been, no, but it was a considerable improvement from Air. Silent and ethereal, the pearly thread of Spirit wafted on unseen zephyrs, gentle and subtle and quiet. Deathly quiet. She liked it.

Fire. Jairelle’s attempt had been bright and lustrous–not exactly the same as her attempt at Water, but sizeable nonetheless. Evie’s wasn’t. Oh, Light, no. Again, to continue the perpetual seesawing, Fire seemed thin, barely even present. Light, but keeping the thread alight was a struggle in and of itself. Was she supposed to weave this thing? Light, how?

Earth. At least she was able to end on a . . . mediocre note, at least. She successfully wove Earth into being, though it was nothing special. Green and verdant, Earth would seem to promise the life of a thousand gardens, the strengths of a thousand mountains, though this slim green thread she channeled would be hard pressed to accomplish such. It was something, though.

Breathing, Evie smiled. She had done it. She had channeled. The fruits of her labour had been harvested, and Evie was indeed a channeler. The razor vanished around her neck and the One Power appeared to vanish in turn. “My strengths, Dedicated, are Water, Spirit, Earth, Air, and Fire.” She exhaled in a breathless sort of reverie. She was a channeler. “I thank you for this, Dedicated.”

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