Threads of Power
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Carasal blinked, So I can channel… The shock lasted only a moment. He had been told, after all, what would be expected of him before he even arrived here. He would become a weapon, a living weapon using the Power as the Dragon Reborn directed. And now he was learning how to do so. Five powers… First, I have to embrace...

Clearing his mind and creating the Flame was simple. Casting all emotion into that Flame was not quite so easy. He felt nervous and afraid. All his life he had been told channeling was the worst possible fate for a man. Fear and doubt slowly receded as he focused on the Flame. Nothing exists but the Flame… Nothing… he thought. It felt like hours, but only minutes passed as he slowing, agonizingly forced his thoughts and fears into the Flame and assumed the Void. He became calm and focused; he knew he would need all his strength just to control the torrent of saidin.

Then he felt it; that violent vibration that signaled saidin. He let it build until his teeth felt like rattling and his head ached, then he reached out. The Power eluded him at first, his mind unable to grasp the vast whirling energies just beyond sight. After a few frustrating attempts, Carasal finally managed to grasp saidin by a fingernail. As the hurricane of ice and fire swept into him, Carasal gasped. I wonder if it will always be like that… They say you can get used to anything… His thoughts floated along the edge of the Void, but did not intrude on his focus.

He felt along his connection to saidin, unsure of what exactly he was feeling for. As he groped within the rush of power, he began to feel the separateness floating within. He grasped as the strongest energies he could find and pulled forth a strand of the Power. The silvery thread quickly thickened and brightened almost like a cable of light, “Spirit, I think…” he says.

Quickly releasing the thread of Spirit, Carasal delved back within the violently swirling currents of saidin. Determining the differences between the currents was easier now, and he quickly pulled forth a thick yellow thread of energy. He held it in front of him, straight as an arrow, “Then Air…” He again dove into the raging Power even before he totally released the thread of Wind. The next strongest current he could see almost jumped into his grasp. This is getting almost too easy… He brought forth a quivering thread of royal blue, “Water…” This thread seemed to fight him a little more than the others.

He released the thread of Water, and reached back into saidin for the next thread. He pulled a trembling scarlet thread of burning energies, “Fire…” He could not keep this thread solid. It kept trying to fight its way back into the flow of Power through Carasal, and the result was a quivering, pale thread of red energy.

There is one more, now where is it? He pulled deeply of the Power, trying to detect some small difference in the flow. Then he found it, and almost lost saidin in the process. It was surprisingly weak in him. He brought out a tiny string of pale green energy in constant flux. One second it was bright, the next it was almost invisible, “And Earth.”

He released the Power completely and sighed. The loss of life was almost overwhelming. Without saidin, the world was a pale imitation. The colors were washed out and air felt heavier. Everything was simply weaker. “My strengths seem to be Spirit, Air, Water, Fire and finally Earth.”

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