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Five Threads, Five Strengths
Thu Nov 16, 2006 13:48 (XFF:,

It was a simple enough task required of them, however Salruoth still felt hesitant to embrace that tumultuous torrent of energy – the “One Power” or saidin; no matter how enthralling it was, it felt dangerous to wade in the forces of saidin. With obvious reluctance clear on his face, Salruoth engaged the flame in his mind, feeding his emotions into it and forming the “Void” or “Oneness”. Saidin glimmered in the distance, an object almost impossible to catch, like the sun in the sky, yet he managed to grasp it. Everything felt more clear to him now as soon as saidin entered him. Objects were more distinct, his sense of smell sharpened and his hearing more acute then ever. The overwhelming waves that accompanied saidin struggled against him causing Salruoth to fight desperately against it. After moments of conflict with saidin, Salruoth grimly retained a fraction of a hold on saidin.

You have control now, do something, fool! Burn you! Salruoth winced at the rebuke of his own thoughts, and watched what the M’Hael had done. Waiting no longer, Salruoth proceed to mimic the M’Hael, however in a separate order. Salruoth’s first created strand was of Earth.

His thread of Earth was thick, a robust cable of green forming and easily maintained; it came to him as fluently, and he allowed himself his thin lips to upturn in a pretentious grin. The Earth thread looked healthy and was a vibrant shade of green. It seemed that Earth was most definitely his strongest strength.

Following up, Fire came and it was almost immediate, yet it was more difficult to conjure unlike Earth. The thread of Fire was not to be compared to his Earth, however it was exuberant looking thread and strong enough for Salruoth, at least. Fire, was his second strongest strength.

With a considerable more amount of focus, Daniel was able to create a thread of Air; it was not as thick, or as strong as his prior threads yet it was distinct enough. It was more difficult to maintain – just a fraction, mind you – and compared to his Earth, it was not nearly ranging in the proximity of Earth’s strength. Air, was his third strongest strength, it seemed.

Saidin was flowing within him now, and Salruoth felt a lustful glow within him; enjoying every moment of the exhilarating life the flow of saidin gave him, whilst pressing back the paramount rush of saidin’s tide of power. Nothing was visible on his face, even though he was forcibly pushing back saidin and the task itself was strenuous on him. Pressing his eyelids tightly, shut, he ignored the fear that trickled in the background of the void and refused to acknowledge it. His next thread was much weaker then any other, and its quality was pale in consideration with the others.

The thread of Water he created was form, with a difficulty that fazed him and caused him to struggle with keeping it steady. He was not aware of his strength with water, as he had used it little and he rarely even touched saidin, unless his life had been threatened; however, it appeared to be one of his weaker strengths and he eyed it with a look of sullen disdain. You are a fighter, Salruoth. It is of little use for you. The thought tumbled past within the “Void”, fading in the depths of his mind.

The last thread was by far the most difficult thing he had done, the thread of Spirit came slowly and it was quite a task at maintaining it. Spirit. His weakest strength and it was extremely thin, almost transparent; obviously showing his strength with it was weak. He grimaced at the unhealthy appearance it gave and cut off all the threads at once, releasing saidin in the process. He felt less alive, but it somewhat grateful to not face the rushing flows of saidin.

“Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and finally Spirit. That is the order of my strengths… M’Hael.” Salruoth said coolly, marking the man’s title clearly enough with a slight of hesitance. With the rush of saidin gone, Salruoth felt a feeling of temerity come over him and his mouth upturned into a clever grin as he studied the M’Hael – and the other classmates – with interest. Now, the fun begins. Salruoth thought, ruefully.

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