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Tired, Sore and Afraid
Wed Dec 20, 2006 21:54 (XFF:,

Pigarin gasped for air when the Asha’man finally let him stop running. Sweat gleamed across his face despite the snow, and his long mass of black hair was matted to his head. Apparently there were punishments for sleeping in. Of course, he had tried to protest, but that had only scored him an extra ten minutes of exercise. Never before had he been so pushed, so exerted, and this was within only his second day! Perhaps that complete lack of physical activity explained his plump physical form, and his obvious inability to maintain it. He was sure that if he had to run for even another ten feet and he would have passed out. His lungs screamed for oxygen, and he had to bend slightly to make sure he even remained on his feet.

“Well, obviously we are going to have to do some work on you,” said his self appointed trainer. The man had called himself Anin, and even had he not indicated it himself, the dragon pin meant he was an Asha’man. Unfortunately for Pigarin, this Anin had decided to check up on the newest recruits, as someone always did apparently, and had found one still abed. “But, you’ve worked off the time you wasted this morning, and even the extra work for answering back. However, I assure you, that if I hear word of this behavior again, I’ll have more for you, and worse than just running.” The warning sung very loudly to Pigarin’s ears, and he nodded fervently, he would have exclaimed promises for betterment had he not needed his mouth to suck in gulps of air.

“Good!” he nodded with a sense of finality that allowed Pigarin to relax slightly. “Now, I believe you are expected at a seizing lesson. I want to hear that you apply yourself hard, not only for your laziness this morning, but also for your own benefit. Things will only become more difficult if you don’t push yourself and learn quickly. Understand?” Pigarin nodded again, mumbling a small sound of affirmation with his breath returning.

“Well, it’s in the west classrooms, so head over there, I believe you have a little time before you are expected there, so you will have a chance to go and find it. I will check up on you again soon,” Anin finished, before leaving his new pupil in the exercise yards.

Pigarin now visibly hunched over, glad to be alone once again, the Asha’man had made him so nervous! So often he had wished for more confidence, self esteem or whatever, anything that could at least help him stand straight and sure. But no matter how hard he motivated himself, or mumbled words of encouragement, he simply couldn’t do it when required. Yet he was beginning to see that if he didn’t develop the strength soon, the Tower would break him like a twig.

“Pigarin!” called out a voice. He recognized it almost instantly as Dyson’s, a young man who had been a soldier much longer than Pigarin had. Dyson trudged over to Pigarin carrying a sword in is left hand, something he practiced with every morning. He was much taller than Pigarin, though most were considering his Cairhienin heritage, and his dark eyes directly contrasted with Pigarin’s pale ones. “I heard about the punishment, tough luck, eh?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Pigarin replied meekly, straightening his back. As time passed, more and more of his replies were consisting of fewer words.

“Where are you headed?” Dyson continued in questioning.

“Seizing in the west classrooms.”

“I see, well I can take you there simply enough. Come on!”

Dyson moved off quickly, tucking his sword back into its scabbard at his waist, forcing Pigarin to keep a fast pace. He didn’t enjoy the walk across the grounds, his legs already throbbing from the run, and the snow causing quite a drag, but more so he was worried about this forthcoming lesson. Already he was tired and sore, and from what he had heard, the seizing of saidin took a lot of energy and control. These he was distinctly lacking even on the best of mornings, and that did not bode particularly well for this one.

“Well here we are, just go in there, I’m sure you’ll find it,” Dyson gestured with a smile. Pigarin thanked him, and left his friend at the entrance. After being left to his own devices, enjoying the added warmth of walls, it took him the best part of ten minutes to find the correct classroom, though fortunately he arrived just in time. Together with another soldier, the pair entered into the classroom. Much like all other places within the Tower, the room was quite plain and uninteresting, making it that much easier to concentrate on the man who waited there already. The man had a very inviting face, almost like that of a young innocent boy, with a look like the kind servants used to hold, one that indicated many smiles. “Good morning,” he said, bringing to his face one of those many smiles.

“Today, I’ll be giving you your first lesson here at the Tower. That is, I’ll be teaching you how to use the One Power. There’s a lot to learn, so I’ll try not to waste too much time. If both of you could tell me your name, age, and country of origin, that’d be great.” He indicated towards Pigarin first.

“Ah…eh…my name is…em…Pigarin Maenred,” he mumbled. The Dedicated, indicated by his sword pin atop the black collar that matched Pigarin’s, raised his eyebrows, showing that he hadn’t heard this soldier’s response. Taking a big breath, Pigarin tried once more. “My name is Pigarin Maenred, I’m seventeen and from Cairhien,” he said this quicker than he had wanted, but at least it had been coherent. Pigarin then turned his face to the ground sharply and the man nodded, leaving him to his thoughts.

Oh please, Light, help me survive this!

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    • Tired, Sore and Afraid — Soldier Pigarin Maenred, Wed Dec 20 21:54
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