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If Gateway's are drugs, I'm addicted
Tue Jan 2, 2007 07:54 (XFF:,

Darius was still slightly hungry, owing to the fact that he had to skip breakfast because he slept late. He had barely managed to get to the history lesson on time, and his the Asha’man teaching was a stickler for punctuality. He managed to get there just in time to avoid the sharp, embarrassing flick of air on the bottom that the teacher preferred, but it was a close thing.

Yet there was something else gnawing at him, and it wasn’t hunger. He was anxious. Anxious about many things - after the festival, the teachers hadn’t been as forgiving, obviously thinking they had been to lax. He was staggering under a mountain of unfinished studying, and yet he was taking on another lesson. It was a special lesson, however, and he felt compelled to try.

After a boring, difficult lesson where he was forced to remember things even natives of the country themselves did not know, he proceeded to the Northern Classrooms, and awaited instruction. Many around him were looking as anxious as he felt, and he gave himself a mental check to assert his appearance.

His black robes were vaguely tidy, as though they had been used thoroughly in their lifetime. The collar on them was unadorned, a testament to his low rank, and his fair hair was slightly untidy, laying stark against his tanned skin. That last was a new development, from the evening and morning exercises they forced him to do every day. He was fairly well muscled, though he didn’t consider himself fa -

Asha'man Apocris sur Marlowe’s - he made it a point to know he teacher’s names - question interrupted his musings, and he roused himself to answer.

“Soldier Daris al’Ceer, Healer Track, and I am 16 years old.”

Which reminded him - his birthday was coming up. Had it really been that long since he had first left the village? He didn’t think so, but it was a disturbing prospect nonetheless. His sisters birthday was just a month after his, and he wondered if she’d be celebrating his.

I don’t think they celebrate birthdays here, he thought wryly, Or maybe they don’t try teaching you to fly by pushing you off a bridge. Maybe that’s the day after your birthday.

He sighed, and noticed very few soldiers among the crowd. He felt slightly stifled with so many Dedicated. Glancing around, he hoped that the Asha’man hurried up - before they took notice of him.

  • Traveling: The Gateway DrugAsha'man Apocris sur Marlowe, MuC, Mon Jan 1 10:51
    Lady Veradis of House Bayanard requested an audience with the Tsorovan’m’hael? Her knowledge of the Black Tower was dated, for not since Byran al’Korwyn had a Tsorovan’m’hael served office. Quine... more
    • Completion!Mark, Mon Jan 29 12:24
      Yep, this baby's come to a close! Soldier Darius has credit, while Soldiers Pigarin and Evie have an extension. /|\Mark M'Hael Lysander Myrth Sedai Sirestes Sei'Tar Soldier Evie
    • Part II: TravelingAsha'man Apocris sur Marlowe, MuC, Mon Jan 15 12:31
      The initiates faced varying degrees of success with their attempts at Skimming. Nearly everyone was able to open a Skimming gateway of length enough to allow their person through, though not everyone ... more
      • Re: Part II: TravelingDarius Al'Ceer, Wed Jan 17 21:36
        Darius glanced, amused, at the people around him. Apparently, it had been harder for some of them to get a grip on the weave and/or find their destination. He watched the young Soldier who had... more
    • A New Day, a New Challenge...Soldier Mikel O'Cionaoith, Mon Jan 8 15:39
      Mikel’s head hit something hard, and rebounded off. Feeling a slight dizziness, he massaged the spot with his hand. Blood and ashes! Falling asleep at the breakfast table… He looked around, luckily... more
    • Part I: SkimmingAsha'man Apocris sur Marlowe, MuC, Mon Jan 8 13:56
      Perfunctory and redundant, the replies spoken by the Soldiers and Dedicated were nothing short of typical lesson-taking. After all, it had been not altogether too long (a few years, give or take)... more
      • A Nasty DunkingDedicated Laila, Wed Jan 24 19:02
        Spirit. Lovely. Laila frowned as she studied intently the complex weave floating before her, trying to memorize the twists and turns of the flows. It was startlingly intricate. She knew several... more
      • There and Back AgainSoldier Mikel, Tue Jan 16 18:47
        Mikel half listened to the instructions, mulling things over in his head. What a waste of time. Why can’t they have found a better place to Skim to? The Gardens? You could probably run there faster... more
      • A Little Success to Brighten the DaySoldier Pigarin Maenred, Sun Jan 14 19:59
        Pigarin stood, observing his fellow trainees, listening to their introductions, taking note of their tones and words. He took him a moment to realize what he was doing; reducing everyone back to a... more
      • Skimming the SurfaceDarius al'Ceer, Thu Jan 11 22:50
        Darius paused. He wanted him to do the weave? So soon? Maybe the do try to teach you to fly. He sighed, then attempted to create the mass of spirit threads that he had seen entangled flawlessly... more
    • Under His WingSoldier Pigarin Maenred, Sat Jan 6 19:34
      The morning had been much like all the others; up with the sun, running for the Light knows how long, feeling nauseated for the following twenty minutes, and then breakfast. Pigarin hated the... more
    • A Suddenly Queasy StomachSoldier Evie Holinshed, Wed Jan 3 21:14
      Palms thick in their sweat, chest heaving, Evie vomited. She emptied her guts on the side of the path, pressed against the ground on all fours. Spitting, Evie felt sticky strands of saliva clinging... more
    • If Gateway's are drugs, I'm addicted — Darius al'Ceer, Tue Jan 2 07:54
    • With Great AnticipationDedicated Laila, Mon Jan 1 19:26
      Traveling. A simple word composed of three syllables, a generic verb referring to the act of moving from one place to another. Among most people, a common word, meaningless, unimportant. But in... more
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