Part II: Lights and Filaments
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“Could there have been some mistake? Surely there is no way to tell that I channel until I actually do. I don’t understand, how could the Asha’man tell I could channel just by making me stare into a flame? It just doesn’t make sense.”

Ansel actually chuckled at this inquiry, for it seemed as though Pigarin’s nerves were only further being revealed. The younger man was nervous, such to the extent that he was second-guessing his own ability to channel. Maybe he was hoping Ansel would tell him that it all had been a mistake? That some divine error would deliver him freely from the Black Tower? Ansel was starting to wonder if Pigarin Maenred had even come to the Black Tower on behalf of his own freewill at all.

Shooting the boy a wide, even grin, Ansel said, “There is really no chance that it could have been erroneous. Sorry, mate. I won’t explain exactly how the Asha’man knew from the test that you’re a channeler, since I’m not entirely sure you’d believe me if I did. Instead, I’m going to help you tap into the True Source, and prove that the Asha’man’s estimation was correct to a tee. Does that sound okay for you?”

And so they began.

“What I’d like you to do now is to close your eyes. Yes, close them. Complete and unperturbed concentration is necessary for the first few dozen times you seize the One Power. I would like you to know this: that the Wheel of Time, the agent of resurrection, is driven by a force known as the True Source. The True Source is the well from which the One Power, the energy Asha’man harness, is drawn. The One Power is divided two ways, into the male and females halves known respectively as saidin and saidar. As men, we use saidin. Keep in mind the volatility of the Power, however. One small slip could kill you. It’s a scary reality.

“Now, I would like you to envision a flame . . . a crackling, crepitating flame. Imagine it in your mind, sitting there, and imagine it burning away all your emotion. In fact, feed your emotion into it as you would kindling. Anger, happiness, frustration, shyness–feed any and all of that into the flame. Watch it grow. As it does, you begin to feel yourself numb. This is known as the Void. Emotion is foreign to you, now, and any pains you feel might as well belong to another man. Look now–do you see it? The light? Touch that Light. That Light is saidin. Reach out to it, grasp it, and seize it, pulling it close to you. When you do, that’ll be the Power.”

A few moments later, once Pigarin had successfully seized saidin for the first time, they were free to progress to the final stage of this day’s exercises: channeling. Channeling would be something new to Pigarin, indeed. It had seemed all but ludicrous to Ansel in his seizing lesson that explosions and molten stone could be commanded by translucent, lightly-coloured threads. He grinned

“Channeling is the act of performing feats with the One Power. Just as the One Power is divided into two halves–saidin and saidar–these halves are further divided five ways. I invite you to bear witness to the Five Powers: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, and Spirit. Fire and Earth, traditionally, are male-dominated elements, while Water and Air belong to women. Spirit claims dominance equally between the two genders. Keep in mind that these are just the norms, and that exceptions exist. You will learn your own elemental strengths soon enough.

“To channel, simply will a thread into existence. I cannot be more detailed than that. It might help to invoke some imagery–rushing rivers for Water or Dragonmount itself for Earth. I will create one thread of each of the Five Powers for you, and, after that, you will do the same. Understood?”

They began.

“Spirit.” He began with his weakest element. Spirit was of a pearly white colour, silent and pristine, merely hovering there before him. It was thin compared to his other elements, yes, but very corporeal on the whole. After all, Ansel took pride in his strength in the Power. Even something as insubstantial as Spirit could be used to his purposes, albeit with a bit more effort.

“Water.” Ansel’s next weakest element enjoyed a stately, royal blue shade. It brought very ocean-like images to mind: the River Erinin, maybe, or the Aryth Ocean, or the Sea of Storms, or even something as minute as a muddied puddle. Water wasn’t exactly the most useful of the spheres in the world, and he cared not a mite for his comparative weakness therein. He let it fade.

“Earth.” Green was the colour of the next string Ansel channeled into existence. He let it hover there, wafting as though caught on some nonexistent tendril of air. Strong, powerful, stable. Earth was indeed an element that reminded one of masculine stereotypes, and he was only moderately powerful in it. It was perfect for Earth Singing, though.

“Air, also known as Wind.” Channeling, he gave birth to the next apparition: a butter-yellow thread, bright and lively. Ansel was beginning to move into the realm of his true strengths, and the thickness of his thread of Air told as much. Though its colour didn’t remind him of a cyclone circling a valley, or an updraft nestling in under a bird’s outstretched wings, that was, incidentally, what Air was.

“Fire.” His final display was as thick and vibrant as anything, red in colour and flagrant in nature. Fire hallmarked the pinnacle of Ansel’s own potential; its possibilities were lethal. Though it was docile, easily controlled and channeled, Fire was a limitless tool at causing destruction. Whether Ansel was using it in a Healing weave or obliterating a line of men, it was a tool he wielded with affection.

“That’s it,” Ansel said, smiling. “Channel these elements for me, allowing each thread to dissipate before beginning the next, and you’re finished. Before you go, though, be sure to tell me your elemental strengths. You’ll know.”

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