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Fri Jan 5, 2007 20:37 (XFF:,

Hooray! You receive seizing credit! Excellent work, and I look forward to seeing you in the Traveling lesson. *grins*

  • Seizing: Glory of SaidinDedicated Ansel Melangel, MuC, Wed Dec 20 20:46
    For all the snow, for all the daring grip of winter, Ansel would not allow himself to be distracted. His channeling was fluent. Water and Air were caught from his grasp on invisible tendrils of... more
    • Completion!Mark, Fri Jan 5 20:37
    • Part II: Lights and FilamentsDedicated Ansel Melangel, MuC, Wed Jan 3 13:57
      “Could there have been some mistake? Surely there is no way to tell that I channel until I actually do. I don’t understand, how could the Asha’man tell I could channel just by making me stare into a... more
      • A Little Less Fear, A Little More PowerSoldier Pigarin Maenred, Fri Jan 5 17:26
        Pigarin was crestfallen. He had hoped beyond hope that the Dedicated would say there had been a mistake, that everything was fine and that he could leave. Walk away from the One Power, from the war,... more
    • Part I: A Long-Winded ApproachDedicated Ansel Melangel, MuC, Wed Dec 27 10:26
      Ansel nodded as the Soldier, Pigarin, made his introduction. His greeting was spoken with the undecided quaver that reminded Ansel of, well, himself some number of months back. Upon his arrival at... more
      • Fear for SurvivalSoldier Pigarin Maenred, Wed Dec 27 23:21
        Pigarin stared directly at the floor, examining one small spot. There was nothing particularly fascinating about it, nothing that differentiated it from any other, except that it was the one he had... more
    • Tired, Sore and AfraidSoldier Pigarin Maenred, Wed Dec 20 21:54
      Pigarin gasped for air when the Asha’man finally let him stop running. Sweat gleamed across his face despite the snow, and his long mass of black hair was matted to his head. Apparently there were... more
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