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Under His Wing
Sat Jan 6, 2007 19:34 (XFF:,

The morning had been much like all the others; up with the sun, running for the Light knows how long, feeling nauseated for the following twenty minutes, and then breakfast. Pigarin hated the routine, he despised it, but it really had become just that, a routine. It was difficult, now, to remember a time where he wasn’t exhausted, dirty and in considerable pain. His lifestyle of nobility was lost, found only with his dreams, remembering a time where things had been…easier, better was by no means the appropriate word. Here, within the walls of the Black Tower, his respect had increased, not that that was particularly difficult, but it was certainly a betterment on the previous. People still called him Pig, referring bluntly to his obvious plumpness, he would never call himself fat, and he still heard the muttered comments of his paleness, and of the constant shyness that plagued his activities, but he had become accepted. Even with all his various flaws, he could channel saidin, he was part of the Dragon’s army, and for the first time he had something that no one could take away.

With a small smile, Pigarin took a large bite of the apple he had managed to secure for his breakfast. His previous attempts at creating porridge had gone somewhat awry, resulting in those around him being covered with burning oats, and attempting to avoid a repeat. Apples were much safer. Making a mental note to ask Dyson’s help with that little problem, he started to pace with marked speed across the northern yards. As with all recruits, he had learned quickly that if you didn’t move with purpose, an Asha’man would give you the purpose, and it was never pleasant. Not that he really had time for idleness, there were lessons to attend, weaponry to practice, and, of course, more running.

“Pigarin!” a familiar voice called out from behind him, revealing none other than Dyson Ignatius. The other man was taller than Pigarin, no surprise there, and his dark eyes were by far his most obvious feature. He had heard many of his female counterparts commenting on their attractiveness, though, he was sure, none of them would say it to his face. Women were difficult enough to understand in any normal situation, but those who trained in this army were tenfold worse.

“Morning, Dyson,” responded Pigarin comfortably. There was no other that he spoke to with any frequency, and thus Dyson was the only one he gave more than a single word sentence to. Fortunately, within the hours of training, which, quite frankly, was every hour, there was little time for fraternising, and Pigarin’s antisocial nature fit in with that very well. Ordinarily, he would not have had even a moment to pause to exchange pleasantries with Dyson, but today was a special day. It was the first day the pair were taking part in the same lesson. In a certain manner of attachment, a somewhat pathetic manner some might have said, Pigarin had been looking forward to it for days.

As the two made their way across the grounds, they made a beeline towards the Blasting Grounds. There Pigarin would begin a rotation revolving around using Fire as a weapon; something Dyson had completed many months previously, but apparently enjoyed. The man was much more a soldier than Pigarin himself could ever be. Yet, within a few paces, another unfortunately familiar voice interrupted their journey.

“Soldier Maenred! Where are you headed?” questioned the omniscient Asha’man Anin. The Kandori man of the black had blue eyes and dark hair, along with the typical emotionless demeanour that those along the border favoured. Pigarin doubted that there was another more seasoned warrior than the swordsman standing before him. Of course, that simply made him all the more terrifying.

“Sir…I’m…ah…channelling this morning…Blasting Grounds,” Pigarin mumbled, turning redder every second. Those of higher ranks always caused a curdling of his stomach, encouraging him to turn around and run. Normally, Anin wouldn’t take his incompetence, standing up tall and dominating until Pigarin could string the words together properly. However, today the stern channeler obviously had more important things to worry about.

“Perfect, very practical,” said Anin with a nod of approval. He was not the most descriptive of men, Pigarin had noted after a number of short worded and sharp conversations. Even so, the nod meant more than any words he could possible have iterated, for it actually dictated some sense of feeling. “However, this afternoon I have organised you to attend the Travelling lesson with Asha’man Apocris, it will be here, in the northern yards. I hope to hear good things about you.” Waiting for a salute from the two soldiers, Anin then turned and headed on his way. Dyson glanced at Pigarin quickly, offering a grimace, before continuing on his way towards their morning lesson.

At that moment, he wished the Asha’man had chosen someone else to take under his wing. Only the Creator knew what he saw in Pigarin. Giving a small sigh, he fell into step behind Dyson.

Pigarin stood amongst the rabble of soldiers and Dedicated as he waited for the lesson to begin. Over lunch, he had heard others talking about the Talent of Travelling. Apparently, it was the responsible for the gateway he had stepped through to arrive at the Tower. Furthermore, it was quite difficult and required ample strength to make it even possible. Namely, that implied that Pigarin would not be able to do it, though it would not hurt to try. More importantly, the definite punishment for avoiding the lesson was more than enough to keep his doubts silent.

The area around him had been roped off, and at the head of the group stood two Asha’man, indicated by their glowing pins. One, a beautiful woman with appealing blonde hair, caused Pigarin to blush in embarrassment, she was truly a fine specimen, the other was a man, Asha’man Apocris, who Pigarin had seen previously. He was the man who headed the Ambassador track of the Tower, and as such, he had been pointed out when Pigarin had initially shown interest in that sector. Of course, he did not have time to even notice a new trainee, and his deliberate and hard stance was enough to ward off questions.

The lovely lady spoke first, offering the standard introduction to the Talent lesson, followed by the request for introductions from the other. In the minutes that followed, Pigarin heard the names of Dedicated and soldier alike, until it was then his turn.

“Soldier Pigarin Maenred…seventeen…spy track,” he said, stumbling over his words. He had wanted to sound much more sophisticated in the face of such superiors, but there was to be no confidence in his voice that day.

One day later perhaps.

OOC: Timeline wise, this will be after the string I just started on the Black Tower Board. Gives enough time to have a track, plus be able to use the Power enough to be able to do the weaves! :D

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