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Part I: Skimming
Mon Jan 8, 2007 13:56 (XFF:,

Perfunctory and redundant, the replies spoken by the Soldiers and Dedicated were nothing short of typical lesson-taking. After all, it had been not altogether too long (a few years, give or take) since Apocris himself had been a recruit, and no one knew better than a seasoned initiate that introductions got old. And quickly. Still, the Black Tower inductees ploughed on through, until Apocris was familiar with the lot. A vocation such as his made him sharp indeed at remembering things as seemingly trivial as names.

Once all had been said and done, Lara was free to take the spotlight. Quietly, he watched her. Thoroughly. “Excellent. Now, as we explained before, Traveling employs the use of gateways to traverse from one specific locale to another. I will demonstrate.” Apocris’s pinkish flesh began to prickle as Lara touched the Source, from which she drew saidar enough to channel together a flawless gateway. The opposite end revealed a wide, open berth, replete with grasses. The Caralain Grass.

“However,” she continued, allowing the gateway to snap shut, “we’ll be following the ‘first things first’ mantra. Before you run, you must walk; before you Travel, you must Skim.”

Apocris jumped in. “Skimming is a cousin weave to Traveling, in simple terms. No, it’s not a Talent, so anyone with enough strength in Spirit should be able to do it. Skimming, in theory, works in a very similar manner to its cousin: it allows the weaver to journey from Point A to Point B. At the same time, while Traveling allows for instantaneous travel, Skimming is a delayed process. The gateway enters its user into a dark, shapeless void. A platform is imagined by the user, and that platform is the vessel, so to speak, that carries the channeler. In order to Travel, the channeler must know their point of origin very well. In order to Skim, however, all that is required is that the channeler understands their destination.”

“And that’s what we’ll be doing today. Asha’man Apocris and I will demonstrate the Skimming weave, and you will recreate it exactly to Skim to the Gardens. We’ve had the Gardens made off-limits to all other recruits for the tenure of the lesson, since, as everyone should know, an opening gateway is not perturbed by any physical force. Whether it’s a solid wall, or a tree, or even a person that attempts to obstruct an opening gateway, that entity will be severed in two. As such, it’s your specific duty to make sure your destination is vacant. I can’t stress that enough, people. If you kill a person by being foolish, you’ll be punished. And horrendously.”

Nodding in harmony, the two of them began channeling in tandem. They demonstrated the weaves for the men and women of the class, Apocris creating an examplar for the weavers of saidin as Lara did the same for those who touched saidar. The weave was composed solely of Spirit, pearly and white and a truly elaborate tangle. Skimming was useful in many situations, so long as the destination was known to the user. The Ambassador felt that all of the Soldiers and Dedicated should be familiar with the Tower enough to be able to successfully Skim into the vicinity of the gardens.

Two gateways, distinct for each gender, widened into existence. Beyond their silvery edges was exactly as he had described. The darkness, composed of swirling shadows, was not altogether different from the Void, from ko’di. The platforms they had decided upon were similar in their structure–composed seemingly of alabaster wisps, like steam–but forged into different shapes. Lara had apparently decided on a steed for her platform, shaped from her imagination into the form of a horse. Apocris, on the other hand, had made his platform resemble a covered caravan.

Once the class had been edified regarding the construction of a Skimming weave, they were free to begin. “Return here after your Skimming attempt, and make sure to clear the Gardens as soon as possible,” Lara reminded them frankly. “It’s very easy to have yourself killed by another student if you’re not careful.” Of course, that potential for disaster was found in every weave, put simply. Anyone who had taken a trip to the Blasting Grounds knew that they did so with the looming possibility that an errant fireball could mark their demise. And so they were warned.

OOC: Hey. :) Same word minimum as before. Have your character explore the experience of Skimming from one location to another. As stated, Skimming is a regular weave, not a Talent, so, assuming your character is strong enough in Spirit (you’ll be the judge), he or she either will or will not have luck in performing the weave. If you’re having trouble telling the difference between the two of them, try this page. You can allot about ten minutes for the time your character spends in the Skimming void.

Oh, and there’s a possibility that your character could screw up and Skim to another place altogether than the Gardens. If that happens, I ask that the accidental destination be within the Tower walls, and that the mistake doesn’t hurt or kill anyone. ;)

Part II up in a week!

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