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Darius al'Ceer
Skimming the Surface
Thu Jan 11, 2007 22:50 (XFF:,

Darius paused. He wanted him to do the weave? So soon? Maybe the do try to teach you to fly. He sighed, then attempted to create the mass of spirit threads that he had seen entangled flawlessly together. After a moment he corrected himself - wove together. He must learn the language or he would never get it right.

He had never made such a large weave before. In some classes he had made a fireball or a simple weave to illuminate, but they hadnít prepared him for skimming. He thought about where he wanted to go, the Gardens. He felt rather worried about that - he hadnít spent much time there. He had been too busy studying for his classes to take breaks. Everyone else apparently knew where to go, so he formed the gateway.

Only to have it collapse in an intangible mass. He tried again with the same result, a large mess of Spirit. The strain from weaving was already getting to him. He watched again the otherís weaves and copied. Quickly, with an efficiency which surprised even him, he wove the gateway together with as little motion as possible from his hands. Immediately, a silvery border appeared in the air. In its midst, he saw a darkness that stretched seemingly forever. Awed, he examined it. It was all he could do to hold on to Saidin.

After a moment, he noticed something. In front of him dwelled a large sailboat, its sails seeming to catch the wind. He stepped aboard, as the sailboat had a feeling to it of rightness. He couldnít explain it, but he didnít need to. After a moment of smooth sailing where he hardly felt the motion at all, a gateway opened on the deck of the ship. He stepped through -

- onto the Garden soil. Right in front of him, another gateway formed. Another student was coming out at the same time as he was, and they bumped into each other. Each nearly fell back through their own gateways, but they had already closed. They hit the ground, raising some dust. Quickly, Darius got to his feet and helped his fellow student up. He hurried away, so he could avoid getting his head chopped off. An unlucky squirrel ran across the path only to find a gateway forming on top of it. He shivered, and jogged back to the lesson area.

OOC: I assume ĎNoone hurtí didnít include animals?

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    • Skimming the Surface — Darius al'Ceer, Thu Jan 11 22:50
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