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There and Back Again
Tue Jan 16, 2007 18:47 (XFF:,

Mikel half listened to the instructions, mulling things over in his head. What a waste of time. Why can’t they have found a better place to Skim to? The Gardens? You could probably run there faster than this… They should have picked somewhere outside the Tower, somewhere useful. But oh no! They’re afraid that one of their precious little students would run off. Mikel almost snorted in disgust. The place was full of weak fools.

He chanced a glance over to his right. Carys was still there. She had divided her attention between mooning over Mikel and listening to Asha’man Lara. Mikel pondered over that momentarily. He knew he was very good looking, and he accepted it. But to see someone who obsessed over it like Carys, well, it was almost laughable. The girl was pretty, yes, but she likely had no more sense than a squirrel. The Great Lord take me, I am surrounded by fools!

Lara finished up with her instructions, and everyone set off in trying to complete the task. Mikel seized saidin with ease, continual use had required it, and set about weaving the elaborate web of Spirit. It took some time, Mikel went carefully, so that the weave didn’t collapse. He wasn’t sure what would happen if it did, but he had heard of some nasty affects of a weave that collapsed. When the weave finally set into place, a gateway opened up, a window into a sea of darkness. Once he had his platform set in mind, Mikel stepped in.

And winced. He had let his mind wander, and the platform was one of cobblestone. His feet would be quite sore by the end of this. He felt the platform somehow move in the darkness, and sighed as he stood there, waiting. This would be a long few minutes. Suddenly, the gateway opened in front of him. He stepped out into the gardens. He let himself whistle out loud. He had almost landed directly in the middle of the gardens. Pride filled him. It was a good feeling.

He gave a yelp as a gateway suddenly opened right beside him. The young, burly fellow who steeped out gave him an abashed look, and stepped back into his gateway. After the fellow had gone, the gateway closing behind him, Mikel stepped through. The fellow didn’t have the wrong idea.

Another long few minutes passed inside the blackness, and then the gateway opened in front of him. Mikel stepped through, and looked around. Most of the students were back, and a few were talking excitedly in groups. He heard running steps behind him, and spun around, coming almost face to face with Carys. She blushed a moment, then her face lit up.

“Wasn’t it amazing? I mean, the platform, the darkness… It was all so magical…” Mikel stopped listening after that. Useless rambling. He looked over at the two Asha’man standing together, silently praying for them to get on with the lesson. He wanted this over with as soon as possible. He wanted out of this cursed Tower as soon as possible. Dreams of power flitted through his head, while Carys, unnoticing, chatted on about the wonders of Skimming.

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