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Re: Part II: Traveling
Wed Jan 17, 2007 21:36 (XFF:,

Darius glanced, amused, at the people around him. Apparently, it had been harder for some of them to get a grip on the weave and/or find their destination. He watched the young Soldier who had successfully conjured a Skimming weave - and then fell into the lake. She shivered, but looked his way. Their eyes met, and she gave him a slight smile. He hoped he didnít have such misfortune. After all, he would catch a cold.

On second thought, maybe Power wielders didnít catch colds. It was a surprising thought, but he didnít have time to pursue it. The weave demonstrate in front of him was amazingly complex, and he had missed the beginning. Taking his cue from those around him, he stood back a second to judge. It seemed familiar somehow, and he saw its relation to Skimming. He couldnít quite put it in words, but it felt like boring a hole.

Noone was doing so well, but a few of them had made tentative tries. Once, someone got their foot stuck in a closing gateway and wound up missing the end of their boot and a lot of ego. He began to weave, carefully and precisely. Slow and steady, he reminded himself over and over, as he pulled and jerked the threads into place. He had always loved handling Spirit - and it payed off.

A man-high gateway snapped into being. The vertical, silvery line formed the garden which he knew so well. It appeared only for a moment, and he had to take a flying leap to get inside. He hadnít had enough experience in holding the weaves. This time, he was prepared, and managed to dodge the opening gateways that began to materialize slowly as their owners got a feel for it.

Apparently, Traveling was a Talent of his. The question was, what would he do with it? He was interrupted by the clouds overhead. Apparently, someone above had taken an exception to their lesson and had decided to keep them... well quenched.

"Light take it!" he swore, as he trudged back to the class on already sodden ground.

  • Part II: TravelingAsha'man Apocris sur Marlowe, MuC, Mon Jan 15 12:31
    The initiates faced varying degrees of success with their attempts at Skimming. Nearly everyone was able to open a Skimming gateway of length enough to allow their person through, though not everyone ... more
    • Re: Part II: TravelingDarius Al'Ceer, Wed Jan 17 21:36
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