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Sleeping on the job?
Thu Feb 1, 2007 07:51 (XFF:,

Most of the time, Afailla did not consider herself much of a violent person, let alone someone who sought out situations in which she would have to face confrontation. She’d heard the sayings about red hair and fiery tempers all of her life, but it seemed that the tendency to anger had all but skipped her by. She seldom lost control of her emotions, and it was even more rare for her to take out any anger she felt on another person. However, she was not stupid. She knew as well as anyone that she needed to be able to defend her life in every situation. And every situation meant even when she couldn’t channel.

She was practical – she couldn’t help thinking through every possibility, when she had the time. However, she had a definite weakness when it came to having to think on her feet. In an effort to improve on many of such shortcomings, Afailla had made the decision to participate in the “Improvised Weaponry” lesson she had heard about a few days prior.

She had fallen into the patterns of the Black Tower at last, though she still chafed occasionally at the lack of color in her wardrobe. Still, she pulled on her black uniform – for she could scarcely think of the black pants, shirt, and boots as anything else – without complaint. Deciding to be ready for anything, she took the time to tame her wild mane of hair into a tight and tidy braid, which she then tied off and allowed to swing across her lower back with every step she took.

The sight of what could only have been their teacher was a bit unsettling. Not so much because of his immense size or dangerous air – she could smell the least bit of violence he’d committed on him – but because he was, of all things, asleep. Her first thought was that this was rather inconsiderate, but he woke up soon enough and the lesson began. Afailla didn’t know what to expect from the lesson, but it started out as all of them seemed to – with introductions. When it came to be her turn, she did her bit of giving her name and any other information that had been requested automatically. She’d done this so many times that it no longer required any extensive thought.

OOC: Sorry it's so short. And...blah.

  • Improvised Weapons: Nify tricks and treats for all who dareAsha'man Jonas Baleshire, Mon Jan 29 08:06
    Jonas didn’t find it at al weird that he had been asked to give this lesson. One look at him and most people though he did bar rooms brawls daily (or nightly). With long black hair covering most of... more
    • Chair legs looking good?Darius al'Ceer, Thu Feb 8 16:08
      He breathed heavily as he ran. The grass was soft under his bare feet, slightly dewy and lushly green. His black attire moved with him, slightly coarse but not enough to be distracting. Especially... more
    • Improvised Weapons part 2: Introductions and ambushAsha'man Jonas Baleshire, Wed Feb 7 07:09
      Jonas opened his eyes and looked around the classroom. Was this all that had shown up? He’s have to go around a visit some of the Soldiers if it was like this in all the lessons. But he’d have to do... more
      • Speaking of bad newsJohan speaking for Jonas, Fri Feb 16 02:48
        As you guys have probably read the site is going to stop. This means I decided that (with Mark) that this lesson is not going to be finished. I hope we'll see each other on the new site and in the... more
        • That is bad news.Tsuga, Fri Feb 16 09:01
          Man. Everybody seems to have the same idea - they're just shutting down completely. Joni's leaving the site up for two more months specifically so that we can enjoy the WOTRP while it still lasts, so ... more
          • From the Ashes ArisenDarius al'Ceer, Fri Feb 16 21:35
            Even after the death of this site, we shall always be writers. Let us enjoy this while we can. I, for one, shall not enjoy abandoning Darius, even though I only just started. In fact, that makes it... more
      • Out of place.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Feb 7 09:32
        Afailla felt somewhat out of place at this lesson, as she did at times in the Tower. Mostly, when she was busy working herself to exhaustion with the tasks that her superiors set her, she didn’t... more
    • Unusually UsualSergeant Adrien-Baptiste Chandonne, Thu Feb 1 16:11
      It was not an early morning for Adrien-Baptiste Chandonne. Rather it was simply an extremely late night. He had returned to his solitary room the evening before intending see to the upkeep of his... more
    • Sleeping on the job? — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Thu Feb 1 07:51
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