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Improvised Weapons part 2: Introductions and ambush
Wed Feb 7, 2007 07:09 (XFF:,

Jonas opened his eyes and looked around the classroom. Was this all that had shown up? He’s have to go around a visit some of the Soldiers if it was like this in all the lessons. But he’d have to do with this for the time being. Slowly Jonas put his feet back on the ground and rose from the chair, taking in the people that had deemed his lesson interesting enough to attend. Like every time he looked at the recruits of the Tower he was surprised at their young age. Boys and girls with dreams of glory and power. Jonas rolled his shoulders in a cat like manner, stretching every muscle in his back as well. After that he folded his hands at his lower back and walked to the centre of the room, towering over those in the room with him. He noticed the sergeant at the back. The man looked like he felt out of place with the rest of the Soldiers and Dedicated.

‘Al right, welcome to this lesson on improvised fighting. This will all be done without using the One Power.’ Jonas said, levelling his stare at the one Dedicated that had attended. ‘In this lesson I will try and teach the basics of combat when you don’t have any of the conventional weapons your used to at hand. This means fighting with everything you see.’ While he said this he walked over to one of the tables with random objects on them. He picked up one of the wooden plates he’d gotten out of the kitchen.

‘Most of this type of fighting will occur when you’ve been ambushed and unprepared. This means it can happen anywhere, but most of the times I’ve gotten into this kind of situation was while in an inn or tavern of, lets call it, disputable reputation.’ Jonas weight the plate and balanced it on the palm of his hand. ‘When in a fight like this you have to take out you adversary as quick as possible, so always aim for weak spots like the throat, knees, eyes or the old and o so painful balls.’ Jonas pulled his arm back and threw the plate, it flew just by the recruits head and hit the doorpost, leaving a notch. ‘Now that I have your full attention I want you to look around this classroom and study the objects in here, think about how to use them. You have about a quarter of an hour before we continue.’

OOC: You heard the man. At least 300 words but more is encouraged. For example there are al sorts of kitchen equipment, chairs, tables, vases, broom handles and mugs to use as well as everything you can think of. This lesson is still open to anyone who wants to join but they’ll have to find a way to get into the lesson after Jonas has started (though you have to do the first part). Email me if you have any questions and have fun I’ll try and get the next part up on Monday.

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    • Improvised Weapons part 2: Introductions and ambush — Asha'man Jonas Baleshire, Wed Feb 7 07:09
      • Speaking of bad newsJohan speaking for Jonas, Fri Feb 16 02:48
        As you guys have probably read the site is going to stop. This means I decided that (with Mark) that this lesson is not going to be finished. I hope we'll see each other on the new site and in the... more
        • That is bad news.Tsuga, Fri Feb 16 09:01
          Man. Everybody seems to have the same idea - they're just shutting down completely. Joni's leaving the site up for two more months specifically so that we can enjoy the WOTRP while it still lasts, so ... more
          • From the Ashes ArisenDarius al'Ceer, Fri Feb 16 21:35
            Even after the death of this site, we shall always be writers. Let us enjoy this while we can. I, for one, shall not enjoy abandoning Darius, even though I only just started. In fact, that makes it... more
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