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Out of place.
Wed Feb 7, 2007 09:32 (XFF:,

Afailla felt somewhat out of place at this lesson, as she did at times in the Tower. Mostly, when she was busy working herself to exhaustion with the tasks that her superiors set her, she didn’t notice the age difference, but every once in a while the realization would catch her off guard, as it did now. She was at least a decade older than everyone in class, with the possible (but unlikely) exception of their instructor. As always, the thought of being taught by someone so much younger than herself was awkward and even a bit insulting, but she always managed to overcome her discomfort enough to do as she was told, like a good little girl still in pig-tails.

The class was small – alarmingly so. In fact, she could count its attendants on her fingers and have some left over. But this didn’t seem to do more than irritate their instructor. Jonas simply waited for introductions to finish and then began the lecture portion of their lesson which was, blessedly, brief.

“All of this will be done without using the Power.” Afailla stifled the urge to wince. After a year or so of living in the Tower and having her every task be done by the Power or not at all, she had grown to depend on it rather like a crutch or a servant. Twenty-five years of doing everything on her own with nothing but her two hands, and it had taken a mere twelve months for all of that to be thrown out the window. A bit disconcerting, when one thought on how easily people grew to depend on, and even take for granted that things would be done the easy way. She could do this . . . she hoped.

She was not a violent person, and when the plate flew a mere few inches from her head to bring her out of reverie, she yelped in a rather shaming manner and ducked out of reflex. The rest of the class seemed no less unsettled, and they all shared a nervous laugh – though she couldn’t help noting that, as the oldest there, she had had the most dramatic reaction to the “threat.” Resolving not to let Jonas get the better of her again, she drew herself up to her full – but still short – height. She couldn’t help feeling that he gave her an amused look before continuing on with the lesson. “Now that I have your full attention I want you to look around this classroom and study the objects in here, think about how to use them. You have about a quarter of an hour before we continue.”

Afailla looked. There were chairs – the obvious uses of that were to throw them, bash them over someone’s head, or rip off a leg and use it as a club. There were dishes – Jonas had just demonstrated that those could be thrown, but she could also see uses in bashing them against vulnerable joints and over someone’s head. Also in the room were an assortment of other items, from tables to sticks to candle holders and lanterns. She mentally thought up a method of attack – and defense; must not forget to keep her own head from getting bashed by that empty bucket – for each item, planning out just what she would do if she was backed into that corner, with only a bench as her ally or foe, or if she were trapped against that wall, her only companion a broom. She may not be a violent person as a rule, but she had enough common sense to know what uses things could be to her. She had grown up in a less-than-ritzy part of town, after all.

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    • Out of place. — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Feb 7 09:32
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