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That is bad news.
Fri Feb 16, 2007 09:01 (XFF:,

Man. Everybody seems to have the same idea - they're just shutting down completely. Joni's leaving the site up for two more months specifically so that we can enjoy the WOTRP while it still lasts, so why is everyone deserting it prematurely? Not really meaning anyone specifically, but everyone seems to be doing that. It's depressing.


Player of Afailla

  • Speaking of bad newsJohan speaking for Jonas, Fri Feb 16 02:48
    As you guys have probably read the site is going to stop. This means I decided that (with Mark) that this lesson is not going to be finished. I hope we'll see each other on the new site and in the... more
    • That is bad news. — Tsuga, Fri Feb 16 09:01
      • From the Ashes ArisenDarius al'Ceer, Fri Feb 16 21:35
        Even after the death of this site, we shall always be writers. Let us enjoy this while we can. I, for one, shall not enjoy abandoning Darius, even though I only just started. In fact, that makes it... more
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