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Paxton VR58 -E-2770516
Sun May 15, 2011 14:50

Hoping to Catch the attention of one of the Granatelli Family to help me with the resurrection Of the above referenced blower that once rode proudly on my 327 dual 4 bbl chevey powered 34 Chevey 2 dr sedan. Blew the engine and replaced it wit a tri-power 348. I have kept the blower all these years and now I am thinking about installing on top of my freshly reworked 69 350 Camaro and I forget how it was mouted and how to set up? Any help, pictures, instructions from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Butch

    • VRDon Watts, Sun May 15 23:57
      I was going to refer you and then noticed you already got a response from John Erb. His advice is golden, his knowledge extensive and his prices reasonable. By all means contact him.
    • VR58John Erb, Sun May 15 23:00
      Butch, I don't no anyone other than me working on the VR units as designed by Ford. and I now have very limited parts. I would suggest that you sell your VR to a Ford person who is trying to restore... more
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