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Sun May 15, 2011 23:00

Butch, I don't no anyone other than me working on the VR units as designed by Ford. and I now have very limited parts. I would suggest that you sell your VR to a Ford person who is trying to restore a factory F bird or sedan. If you use the unit or sell to someone be sure the races are relapped and matched drive balls are replaced. Maintenance is a real problem for a dally driven VR. Latest modified SN60 S/C makes much more air than any VR unit and costs less than you can sell your VR for. the mount and drive is much better now than what was available 40 years ago. There are people who install gears in VR units which reduces the rare parts problem. OK to call me for more info 775 883 6494 John Erb

  • Paxton VR58 -E-2770516Butch, Sun May 15 14:50
    Hoping to Catch the attention of one of the Granatelli Family to help me with the resurrection Of the above referenced blower that once rode proudly on my 327 dual 4 bbl chevey powered 34 Chevey 2 dr ... more
    • VRDon Watts, Sun May 15 23:57
      I was going to refer you and then noticed you already got a response from John Erb. His advice is golden, his knowledge extensive and his prices reasonable. By all means contact him.
    • VR58 — John Erb, Sun May 15 23:00
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