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ID of McCulloch S/C
Fri Jul 1, 2011 00:14

Mark, The 6 volt units were Kaiser and the 12 volt units were mostly Studebaker/Packard. Running changes were continually made and units were returned to the factory as $60 cores numbers were changed and some were converted to short nose SN60 series. Others were rebuilt and sold as new. By taking a unit apart I can usually determine the time it last left the factory, this is because I have been working on these units most of my life starting in 1963. bottom line the units were made to be adaptable to most every engine made. All my S/C builds are custom matched to the customer application and end use. The good thing is all units can be "ADJUSTED" to work on anything. The DO units that do not have a dipstick are a possible exception the cost to make a DO work well is not cost effective. John Erb

  • Identifying McCulloch Unitspcf_mark, Thu Jun 30 09:07
    I have been scouring the net for info on how to identify the different units but I have had no luck. Is there a page with some photos/illustrations of each unit and what it was used on? Thanks!
    • ID of McCulloch S/C — John Erb, Fri Jul 1 00:14
      • Re: ID of McCulloch S/CAnonymous, Tue Jul 12 14:25
        Thanks for that. If I am only looking at blower itself is there any way to tell them apart? I do not know what a DO unit is for example. The 6V and 12V is for the control relays correct? The blower... more
        • Re: ID of McCulloch S/CJohn Erb, Wed Jul 13 13:55
          Anonymous, D0 stands for direct oil. They use dirty engine oil and do not have an internal oil pump. Even clean engine oil gets dirty from condensate that happens in a non vented S/C running engine... more
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