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Re: ID of McCulloch S/C
Wed Jul 13, 2011 13:55

Anonymous, D0 stands for direct oil. They use dirty engine oil and do not have an internal oil pump. Even clean engine oil gets dirty from condensate that happens in a non vented S/C running engine oil. If you call me at 775 883 6494 we can play 20 questions and find what you have or need, John Erb

  • Re: ID of McCulloch S/CAnonymous, Tue Jul 12 14:25
    Thanks for that. If I am only looking at blower itself is there any way to tell them apart? I do not know what a DO unit is for example. The 6V and 12V is for the control relays correct? The blower... more
    • Re: ID of McCulloch S/C — John Erb, Wed Jul 13 13:55
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