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dip stick oil cooler
Sun Jan 8, 2012 18:24

Has anyon tried to make a dip stick oil cooler like the ones Paxton use to make for the VS57, SN60, etc.? I read some old posts on another site about using a small Holley electric fuel pump with a NASCAR oil cooler, but it seems to me that the machining of the custom dipstick with dual ports would be the real challange,


    • CoolerChuck, Tue Feb 26 09:50
      I have one of the coolers now and another supposedly on the way. Your welcome to look them over. I'll take a look at the dipstick tube later and see how they were done. It is just a basic oil cooler... more
      • CoolerJohn Erb, Wed Feb 27 11:21
        Cooler air to an engine effectively increases the octane of the fuel and allows more fuel mix into the engine. Cooling the S/C and the air is possibly best done with an ERB cam that is specifically... more
    • oil coolers John Erb, Mon Jan 9 21:19
      Rono Old style fed one way in at the dipstick and used an over flow stand pipe to drain to a receiver tank then to a no vain type fuel pump to radiator and then back to the S/C. Best is to feed... more
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