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S/C application
Sun Feb 5, 2012 06:38

David, I have installed modified VS units on big block engines, Cam change is very beneficial, Your engine with ten to one compression is much better suited for use with a fixed pulley because an on demand high boost at low Rpm makes detonation a problem. Best to boost at higher RPM for serious power and detonation control. I did a Toyota and made 14 psi. If you decide to use a varispeed it is usually practical to use a valve spring with an adjustment on one end. Some late engines use fly by wire throttle control to control and avoid detonation. Spark retard is very limited. Best to call me 10am to 10pm pacific time any day. 775 883 6494 John Erb

  • VS 57 on late model I 4David Brown, Sat Feb 4 18:33
    Mr Erb. Thank you for sharing all of you knowledge on this forum! I have had a VS 57 head unit since 1981 which I was planning for a SBC. However that project became a big-block (capable of more... more
    • S/C application — John Erb, Sun Feb 5 06:38
      • Thank youDavid Brown, Sun Feb 5 10:48
        John, Thank you for your quick response and sharing your thoughts! Wow, 14 PSI on your Toyota is huge! I never thought this blower could push that much volume. I agree with you that with 10:1 I will... more
        • pulley driveJohn Erb, Tue Feb 7 23:17
          David, I have some serpentine pulleys but have found that Studebaker pulleys work well on S/C and AC pulleys can often be used for the crank drive all with easy to find V belt length belts. The old... more
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