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David Brown
Thank you
Sun Feb 5, 2012 10:48

Thank you for your quick response and sharing your thoughts! Wow, 14 PSI on your Toyota is huge! I never thought this blower could push that much volume.
I agree with you that with 10:1 I will need to limit boost with pulley diameters to keep from detonation or pushing head gaskets. It would definitely be easier to engineer brackets etc. for a fixed pulley.
Have you worked with anyone machining serpentine pulleys for VS units?
Thanks once again for your expertise. When I get a little more "play time" I'll give you a call.

  • S/C applicationJohn Erb, Sun Feb 5 06:38
    David, I have installed modified VS units on big block engines, Cam change is very beneficial, Your engine with ten to one compression is much better suited for use with a fixed pulley because an on... more
    • Thank you — David Brown, Sun Feb 5 10:48
      • pulley driveJohn Erb, Tue Feb 7 23:17
        David, I have some serpentine pulleys but have found that Studebaker pulleys work well on S/C and AC pulleys can often be used for the crank drive all with easy to find V belt length belts. The old... more
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