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Chrysler mount VS 57
Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:58

Chuck best to call me at 775 883 6494 there are a ton of options, I have an article I can send just on the pulley drive. The engine size alone justifies reading this page . I also need to know the body style the unit is being used. The S/C will also need some changes to give you a good result. John Erb

  • Chrysler VS-57Chuck, Tue Feb 26 09:52
    I'm looking for a copy of the manual to put a McCulloch (or Paxton) on a 354 Chrysler Hemi. I have what is supposed to be a complete setup but can't quite figure out how the bracket bolts on. Thanks, ... more
    • Chrysler mount VS 57 — john erb, Wed Feb 27 11:58
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