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Sun Mar 24, 2013 07:45

i picked up this vs 57 but came with no crank pulley or mount but ill probly end up jus making my own mount. i have 80-85 small block 350 chev was thinkin of installing the s/c on it but need that pulley or any ideas for makin this work. also was wonderin if or how i can tell if my carb is guna need all kinds of modifieing like ive bin readin about. i was told it was 70s off a ford pickup.600 or 650 kinda forget.thanks

  • Re: mccullock supercharger vs57John Erb, Sat Mar 23 22:40
    I recently completed an article on pulleys but to be the most help I need to know what you need the parts to work on or fit
    • SB chevrolet s/cJohn Erb, Mon Mar 25 11:47
      My test test car for development and testing Superchargers is a 350 SB 57 corvette. I am quite sure I can be of help to you. To figure proper pulley size mounting options belt length S/C clocking and ... more
    • vs57 — spencer, Sun Mar 24 07:45
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