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Tex Grier
Re: SN60
Thu May 9, 2013 11:07

Sorry about the misspelling of Mr. Erb's name. i apologize to him also. I am looing forward to hearing from him. From all accounts, he is THE man on these things. I am going to put this on a 53 Stude. Any help on a Avanti mounting bracket appreciated. Such as, do any of you have one to sell? I am very curious as to wherther Mr. Erb has records as to when a certain unit was rebuilt. THANKS, everyone. I will be listening for more halp on this install. Mr Erb, another question also. Should the torque required to turn this unit be about 30-35 inch pounds? Thanks again, Tex

  • SN60Don Watts, Wed May 8 21:50
    Ya got me! Both tags - wow. John Erb, not Erp, is a regular here and will probably comment soon.
    • Re: SN60 — Tex Grier, Thu May 9 11:07
      • SN60Don, Thu May 9 19:30
        If your SC has been setting around for a long time the balls and races seem to cause minor defects in each other and fail within a short time when you try to run the unit on the engine. That can lead ... more
        • Re: SN60Anonymous, Tue May 28 10:20
          It has been sitting. I contacted mr Erb by phone, and he was really a super guy to talk to. Full of information. I have a e-mail in to him now. Hope to get unit refreshed or mabyget nec. parts. he is ... more
          • Re: SN60Bob Burkey, Wed May 29 08:25
            John, Tex, etal. Just an FYI for you guys. I helped my neighbor load a Mustang GT350 (1963 I think) on a trailer last weekend. It has the original Shelby option SN60 - - it too had the "60" seal. As... more
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