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Thu May 30, 2013 22:47

minimize the performance increase and S/C damage. Should read: minimize performance and S/C damage. Also I should have mentioned that the drilled case bolts were used with seals to make it evident if the unit was taken apart. Heavier springs and shims were used to increase drag strip high rpm output. This would kill the normal driving life of the unit. Some of the units that I have rebuilt or modified have different labels, assembly and rebuild procedures that allows me to date the repair. John Erb

  • lead sealJohn Erb, Fri May 10 00:44
    Bob, I used seals for a short while about 40 years ago, I guess it made me look more professional. My first rebuild for pay started in 1970 for $65 per S/C. Seals were used earlier to safe guard... more
    • correction — John Erb, Thu May 30 22:47
      • Vs57 performanceChuck Cline, Sat Jun 1 10:04
        John, From what you say it wouldn't be a good idea to use a performance unit on a cruise nite driver? Probably under 1000m per year. I was thinking of having you do a performance rebuild for me. I... more
        • Performance S/CJohn Erb, Sun Jun 2 23:29
          Chuck, The most bang for the buck comes from converting a vs unit to an SN 60 cost $28. also a modest preload pressure increase $30. A high efficiency impeller $75 exchange, Usually a total rebuild... more
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