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Chuck Cline
Vs57 performance
Sat Jun 1, 2013 10:04

John, From what you say it wouldn't be a good idea to use a performance unit on a cruise nite driver? Probably under 1000m per year. I was thinking of having you do a performance rebuild for me. I have two so I guess I could swap head units for my rare trips to the track. Am I correct in this assumption? How long would a standard rebuild hold up to the limited driving we do with our cars? Chuck

  • correctionJohn Erb, Thu May 30 22:47
    minimize the performance increase and S/C damage. Should read: minimize performance and S/C damage. Also I should have mentioned that the drilled case bolts were used with seals to make it evident if ... more
    • Vs57 performance — Chuck Cline, Sat Jun 1 10:04
      • Performance S/CJohn Erb, Sun Jun 2 23:29
        Chuck, The most bang for the buck comes from converting a vs unit to an SN 60 cost $28. also a modest preload pressure increase $30. A high efficiency impeller $75 exchange, Usually a total rebuild... more
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