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Performance S/C
Sun Jun 2, 2013 23:29

Chuck, The most bang for the buck comes from converting a vs unit to an SN 60 cost $28. also a modest preload pressure increase $30. A high efficiency impeller $75 exchange, Usually a total rebuild is recommended $498 A special cam is available to reduce the load on the S/C so less belt slip and power isn't wasted driving the s/c in the first place. Drive pulley size, belt choices, fuel supply, carburation, engine size all contribute to what is needed to optimize your package. Knowing what you have and your budget allows me to recommend a good balanced package. A ceramic drive is available to give dual S/C performance form one unit, cost is about the same as as using 2 S/C units but installation is much easier. I used to take a race S/C to drags. Practical ???????????? John Erb

  • Vs57 performanceChuck Cline, Sat Jun 1 10:04
    John, From what you say it wouldn't be a good idea to use a performance unit on a cruise nite driver? Probably under 1000m per year. I was thinking of having you do a performance rebuild for me. I... more
    • Performance S/C — John Erb, Sun Jun 2 23:29
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