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2/4BBL set up
Wed Jun 4, 2014 09:41

Skadadillac, You have chosen a very difficult package to build mostly because of packaging. The pressurized air manifolding to the 2/4BBL carbs is very complex because the air flow to each carb must be the same and 200 MPH air almost has a mind of its own. Two 2bbl carbs is easier as a fiberglass bonnet can be used. the best plan is one large 4BBL and a early McCulloch SN60 Supercharger. Your superchargers can be converted to SN units for $28 which is necessary because the stock VS57 you have has a governor that restricts the boost to 3 1/2 or 5 PSI A pair of SN (short nose) McCulloch superchargers would be happy doing 12 psi and even one can usually do 7+ psi. My phone # is 775 883 6494. It is probably best to build with one S/C for first project. Have Fun John Erb

  • VS57 rebuilderskadadillac, Tue Jun 3 19:12
    I have a 1955 Cadillac Coupe Deville with a 331. Mild cam, bored 30 over with forged pistons. I am adding a vintage Weiand dual quad manifold. I intend to add two VS57 units and am looking for an... more
    • 2/4BBL set up — John Erb, Wed Jun 4 09:41
      • Re: 2/4BBL set uptex2va, Thu Jun 5 18:04
        skadadillac here, Thank you all for your advice, John my thought was to build an air box to contain both carbs and to feed the box. If I understand correctly your saying this would not be wise as the ... more
        • Re: 2/4BBL set upJohn Erb, Thu Jun 5 22:16
          Skadadillec I build 2 or 3 units a week I am backed up right now so expect a 5 week aprox turn around. Today on an auto show a factory 1 off had a display of a 1955 cad. supercharged with extreme... more
          • Re: 2/4BBL set uptex2va, Fri Jun 6 07:35
            john I am in know rush and would like you to do the work if you are interested. My Machinist s very talented and in demand as well m motor is in the build stages and I have the body off the frame as... more
            • phone # 2/4BBLJohn Erb, Sat Jun 7 14:10
              I do not keep phone number a secret, I am now retired from the piston company and I do not advertise my supercharger business. I do like technical conversations with people and I continue to... more
    • Re: VS57 rebuilderGreg Hwes, Wed Jun 4 06:55
      • vs57 rebuilderDon Watts, Thu Jun 5 14:03
        If you are setting the Caddy up as an outrageous show car have fun. If you actually want to drive the thing go with JE's advice. Two four barrels and two blowers would be an absolute nightmare to... more
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