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Re: 2/4BBL set up
Thu Jun 5, 2014 18:04

skadadillac here,

Thank you all for your advice, John my thought was to build an air box to contain both carbs and to feed the box. If I understand correctly your saying this would not be wise as the carbs would not receive equal pressure? My intent is to drive the car daily so I want it as reliable as possible. I am not committed to the build configuration because I am really novice at this sort of thing and two I always rely on research and good advice. Do you provide rebuilding services?
I guess it looks good from a far but far from good.

  • 2/4BBL set upJohn Erb, Wed Jun 4 09:41
    Skadadillac, You have chosen a very difficult package to build mostly because of packaging. The pressurized air manifolding to the 2/4BBL carbs is very complex because the air flow to each carb must... more
    • Re: 2/4BBL set up — tex2va, Thu Jun 5 18:04
      • Re: 2/4BBL set upJohn Erb, Thu Jun 5 22:16
        Skadadillec I build 2 or 3 units a week I am backed up right now so expect a 5 week aprox turn around. Today on an auto show a factory 1 off had a display of a 1955 cad. supercharged with extreme... more
        • Re: 2/4BBL set uptex2va, Fri Jun 6 07:35
          john I am in know rush and would like you to do the work if you are interested. My Machinist s very talented and in demand as well m motor is in the build stages and I have the body off the frame as... more
          • phone # 2/4BBLJohn Erb, Sat Jun 7 14:10
            I do not keep phone number a secret, I am now retired from the piston company and I do not advertise my supercharger business. I do like technical conversations with people and I continue to... more
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