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Re: 2/4BBL set up
Fri Jun 6, 2014 07:35

john I am in know rush and would like you to do the work if you are interested. My Machinist s very talented and in demand as well m motor is in the build stages and I have the body off the frame as well. I have two units and would kike both rebuilt to the SN type if it is more efficient,, I will go with one unit on the Cadillac and put the other in a 289 sunbeam. Danny, who is my machinist, would like to speak with you about pistons. When I told him you are the chief engineer at KB he asked if it would be ok to pass your number along to him. are you ok with me giving him your number? he also owns two of "Smokeys Hot Vapor engines" that were gifted to him by the family

  • Re: 2/4BBL set upJohn Erb, Thu Jun 5 22:16
    Skadadillec I build 2 or 3 units a week I am backed up right now so expect a 5 week aprox turn around. Today on an auto show a factory 1 off had a display of a 1955 cad. supercharged with extreme... more
    • Re: 2/4BBL set up — tex2va, Fri Jun 6 07:35
      • phone # 2/4BBLJohn Erb, Sat Jun 7 14:10
        I do not keep phone number a secret, I am now retired from the piston company and I do not advertise my supercharger business. I do like technical conversations with people and I continue to... more
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