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change from VS to SN for 63
Thu Feb 5, 2015 21:03

Roy, The 63 JT supercharged Hawk and lark use a totally different Supercharger, mount, hardware, air cleaner, Carb. even the fuel pump is different. The needed lower pulley and water manifold may still be on the car. at any rate I remake or have the correct parts. The use of GH set up uses a VS supercharger which can be converted to the much improved SN60 at low cost here. A new cam is available specific for 4 bbl Carb that allows more compression without low speed detonation that is common with VS kick down boost with your 9:1 comp. ratio. If you have the correct carb. You will get a serious MPG improvement with the supercharger working. 775 883 6494 John Erb

  • Supercharger PICKen Groover (Golden-Hawk), Thu Feb 5 07:21
    Hi Roy, Not sure if this would help but I'll try. I am doing a nut/bolt restore on a 1957 Golden Hawk. My S.C. is still mounted and easily accessable. It is a 289/2 barrel factory correct set up, I'm ... more
    • change from VS to SN for 63 — John Erb, Thu Feb 5 21:03
      • Supercharger PICKen Groover, Fri Feb 6 07:08
        Well, There you go Roy. Sorry I can't help. Ken
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