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Eddie D.
Sat Apr 18, 2015 09:13

as soon as I start my 1954kaiser the belt goes rightdown to bottom of the supercharger .Itryed to put battery voltage(6volts)to wire on supercharger and it just makes a small spark but noting happen can you help me with getting this to work right. Thank you

    • Eddie D's SuperChargerGolden-Hawk (Ken), Sun Apr 19 18:00
      Hi Eddie, My car isn't finished yet but I was checking the SC and with a digital VOM my relay (under the badge on top) measures app 30 ohms which I think is about right. This would across the relay... more
      • S/C solenoidJohn Erb, Mon Apr 20 09:34
        McCulloch superchargers should go to high output at slow idle as RPM is increased pressure builds and closes the pulley for average driving. Energize the solenoid and the air source to hold the... more
    • VS-57Chuck, Sun Apr 19 10:22
      Have you had the solenoid out? If it is installed it could be stuck in the open position. That would let pressure release the clutch and open the pulley. Hope this helps. Chuck
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