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S/C solenoid
Mon Apr 20, 2015 09:34

McCulloch superchargers should go to high output at slow idle as RPM is increased pressure builds and closes the pulley for average driving. Energize the solenoid and the air source to hold the pulley closed is blocked resulting in max RPM to the S/C. At 3.5- 4psi The Kaiser S/C will overpower the solenoid and at this point will act as a pressure governor. This is a very safe boost level. John Erb

  • Eddie D's SuperChargerGolden-Hawk (Ken), Sun Apr 19 18:00
    Hi Eddie, My car isn't finished yet but I was checking the SC and with a digital VOM my relay (under the badge on top) measures app 30 ohms which I think is about right. This would across the relay... more
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