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John Erb
ceramic drive
Mon Apr 20, 2015 15:57

Ceramic drive, is expensive and requires internal bearing race and oil pump changes in addition to grade 5 ceramic drive balls. High RPM, larger impellers, large engines all tend to overload the the internal drive. When the drive is overloaded it slips and almost instantly over heats the center race and usually destroys the entire supercharger drive assembly. One fix is to increase the spring preload, helps, but difficult to dial in. Too much and drive failure can be expected in 1000 miles. my fix is to change to a cam that does not waste supercharger air, and consider a larger S/c pulley, add an rpm limiter and then use a ceramic drive S/C. The ceramic balls are less than 1/2 the weight of the steel balls This allows the performance of the ceramic unit to equal what would be expected from 2 standard units and the spring pressure can even be reduced. The centrifugal weight of balls is why high spring pressure is used in racing. John Erb

  • Ceramic drivediceman50, Thu Feb 5 06:08
    Would someone tell me about the ceramic drive system.
    • ceramic drive — John Erb, Mon Apr 20 15:57
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