Chuck Cline
Mon Jun 1, 2015 07:59

If you are not a member (free) at go there and join. Super good place for anything Y-block. Contact the user "Pegleg". He has made some parts for the McCullouch/Paxton setups and may be able to help. Also "Paradise Wheels" Greg Conley and our own John Erb on this site having been dealing in these for years.

  • McCulloch Crank Pulleyu202311, Sat May 30 09:00
    I have a McCulloch crank pulley for a y-block passenger car but it will not fit my 1955 TBird. Can I swap the oem TBird crank pulley for an oem passenger car pulley and then use a spacer to make my... more
    • Pulley — Chuck Cline, Mon Jun 1 07:59
      • Re: Pulleyu202311, Tue Jun 2 05:45
        It appears that using an oem passenger car pulley with the McCulloch passenger car pulley and a spacer will not work. I will look around some more for other options. Thanks for the contact info!
        • PulleyJohn Erb, Tue Jun 2 22:01
          Give me a call I do have a lot of pulleys and do make some. call 775 883 6494 Have a good day. John Erb
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