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that was fun
Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:00pm

I think I need to dig out my DVDs again.... no digging, I know exactly where they are.

But who would YOU put in slot 10?

hmmm. I wonder where I put my Highlander book.....

  • Interesting video on top HL villianslahoffyCDC, Fri Feb 22 11:21am
    This was posted on the HLWW list. I agree with most of his choices, except for Giovanni. That one
    • I just watched it now, and that was fun!SharzCDC, Mon Sep 9 7:12pm
      Makes me want to go back and watch some HL again. It's been way too long. As for the contents of list, Giovanni doesn't even register a blip on the HL villain list, IMHO.
    • that was fun — lynnanncdc, Wed Mar 13 9:00pm
    • Oh wow!pacemCDC, Sat Feb 23 7:24pm
      That was so much fun! So glad you shared that. I agree about Giovanni (blech!) but most of the others were good picks. What great characters they all were!
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