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Friday - let's try this again
Sat Sep 7, 2013 1:55am

I arrived about 10 am, but the exhibit hall didn't open for VIP's until 11, so I found a comfy seat to wait in the general vicinity of the entrance, with a banana nut muffin. I determined that the line I could see stretching waaaayyy down the corridor was the entrance line, and I wasn't about to walk all that way down to just walk back to the beginning (I'm NOT stupid, and have a strong sense of preservation - except for coming to this Con, but I suspect you all understand completely). Eventually the line turned on itself, and came back to the beginning, but still I sat.

When it finally began to move, people were walking AWAY from the entrance. They're sheep. all SHEEP! Eventually I got up and leaned against a pillar, waiting for the end of the line to come to me. And behold, IT DID! It's a kind of Magic! I got into the exhibit hall and headed for the FAR CORNER (I told ya!) My photo op with Adrian was 4:45, so I had to be there at 4:30 (Dang, right in the middle of the Hatch/Benedict panel)

Then I went to prepare for my appt with a bunch of HL fans. Adrian's panel was at noon. We waited (stood) in the hall for VIP entrance, and finally TPTB let us in. I sat on the aisle, stage right, three rows back, and saved a seat for my nephew who has discovered HL. We had a good announcer, moderate moderator, and a spectacular celebrity. Adrian stood for the entire time, burning energy brightly, and discussed Highlander through the Q&A. So much was familiar, but I was struck by a few things. and before you ask, I didn't take a single picture, I wanted to concentrate on him and his voice, and a camera is too distracting unless you have a point and shoot.

He actually started martial arts young, as a way to focus his high energy, and he said his very young son Royce is very much the same, always going, although there was a picture posted of the little one out like a light in his daddy's arms, I'll see if I can find it and connor's string

Such a gentleman. When asked if there were any guests stars that gave him satisfaction in cutting off their heads, he looked down at the floor, and paused for several long seconds, and admitted "Yeah" but he didn't name names. the next time he was asked a similar question, we all just laughed when he bowed his head.

"You touted HL the Source was going to be the greatest HL movie, what the hell happened?" The look on Adrian's face was frustration, not with the question, but with the memory of the script David A told him about, and the one he ended up with. Producers who expected him to film four days of shooting in a single day (he's immortal, you morons, not superman) and they were filming when there was no end written on the script. Someone pointed out that Methos didn't die on camera, after someone had heard there were supposed to be three movies. "That was the plan." he shrugged, raising his hands.

He was the first person auditioned, and he told them they didn't have to look any further. "You're really full of yourself, aren't you?" "I just feel that this is something I'm supposed to do." He didn't hear anything for a long time, then his agent said he was going on vacation, and he probably didn't have the part. The agents assistant called him on a Thursday and told him he had to be in Vancouver to start shooting on Monday. Season two was the hardest, because when he showed he could do the action stuff, they kept writing more in, and the TPTB wanted to lose the flashbacks Adrian fought them on that and won. THANK YOU ADRIAN

They originally were going to have him be Connor, but he knew that was a mistake from past experience (War of the Worlds) but when CL agreed to do the Gathering, Adrian was
"Yessss!" pulling his fist down. We laughed. Then they couldn't decide, Ian, Dougall, ""I'm Dougall MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod" just doesn't have the same ring, and we agreed with a laugh.

He did a CL impression when he talked about the different styles they used in Endgame. Christophe hadn't had as much sword training, so he would ask for pointers as they filmed "Was dat okay, Adrian?" Really gravelly, needs work, but we all knew who it was. A little later we got a Sean Connery impression. When he was going to meet Sean's son, the person who would introduce him told him he really shouldn't ever do the impression because "He really hates it when I do it." not too shabby.

As all good things must end, I took a while, but eventually made it back to Adrian's table. "You're back," when I handed him the mug. "This is nice, did you make it?" I explained very briefly Gathering, friend made it for all, so if you have a chance to go, have him sign your mug, he might remember meeting a clansisb.

 photo 001.jpg

Then I had him sign another photo for me (colors go well in my office/guest room)

 photo Untitled2.jpg

I went and found some lunch, (stirfry, more spicy than I like) and then I went to the Claire Coffee panel (she's on Grimm) I was impressed with her Q&A because she said she hadn't done very many of these yet. I watched a few minutes of Richard and Dirk, but then it was time for my photo op

I was in line for 25 minutes, my back and feet were killing me, but then it was my turn and all I could do was grin. "This is the last one, I won't be bothering you anymore." "It's no bother" He sounded sincere, I hope so. this is one he isn't going to see though, but I'll share with you because HE's still so gorgeous
 photo Untitled4.jpg

At some point in that brief moment I gave his back a pat. I'd blame k'lynn, but she would have had her hand lower.

Reeling from his arm around my shoulder, I went and talked with my artist friend for 20 minutes (he offered me a chair, Bless Him!)

Off for more celebrities, I talked with a British actor who was on Doctor who and in the Harry potter movies as a ghostly friar
 photo pict0007.jpg

and Dwight Schultz of A-Team and ST:NG
 photo pict0008.jpg

and Dirk Benedict A-Team and Battlestar Galactica

 photo pict0010.jpg

and I had them sign a photograph

Sadly, this one doesn't want to upload from my photobucket - that's when I lost the original text so I'm not going to try here, maybe later.

I realized I had missed the Dean Cain Panel, so I left around 6 and drove home in a bad windstorm that was bringing in the smell from the Great Salt Lake. The celebrities are in for a shock if they go outside.

Must head to bed. I had fun but my feet are protesting.

  • don't know what size this is going to belynnanncdc, Thu Sep 5 10:29pm
    Then he asked what CDC stood for, and laughed when I told him. I'm going to have him sign my mug tomorrow (he said he would), I wonder what he'll make of our motto, there can never be only one.
    • And finally, Saturdaylynnanncdc, Sun Sep 8 2:10am
      Springing from bed at the last possible moment, I dressed fast, grabbed stuff, set the DVR for a football game, and headed downtown. The parking was a little more difficult today, as the elevators go ... more
      • What a weekend!!pacemCDC, Mon Sep 9 10:48am
        You did an awesome commentary---it was like I was there with you. So glad you could share the pictures---yummy!! Adrian looks great and I didn't know he had a little boy! What a cutie! Kevin Sorbo... more
        • Adrian has a little girl toolynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 5:41pm
          Angeliese, a few years older than Royce, but I haven't seen a picture of her yet. When I do , I'll try to share.
        • It has been too long.lynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 5:26pm
          We need a partay!
          • Heck YES we need a par-tay!SharzCDC, Mon Sep 9 6:42pm
            It's VERY good to see you and hear about your weekend. It would have been so much fun to do that as a clan, eh?
    • SO COOL!MacNairCDC, Sat Sep 7 8:43pm
      And your recap of the vent; also very COOL. Reminds me of Connor's coat! *wink*nudge*giggle* What a faboo trip for you! (Almost as faboo as coming up to see me!)
      • Seeing youlynnanncdc, Sun Sep 8 3:41pm
        was actually tied with Adrian for the highlight of my summer. (and I probably spent the same amount of money, LOL)
        • nah.lynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 10:43pm
          On further consideration, seeing YOU was the best, Adrian a close second.
    • Friday - let's try this again — lynnanncdc, Sat Sep 7 1:55am
      • I've known that, of course, but it stands out looking at your photos --I don't know who most of these people are! Or only barely, like Kevin Sorbo. But I'm so glad you got to experience it all.
    • Thursday.lynnanncdc, Thu Sep 5 11:13pm
      VIP lanyard around my neck, I entered the world of geekdom, and strolled into the SLComicCon. I was in time to hear Mr Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno speak, then I went looking for a rest room. Wall to... more
      • well heckAnonymous, Fri Sep 6 11:17pm
        I just spent hours doing friday's runthrough, was adding photos, and somehow deleted it. We are not happy, and it's after midnight. I may try a little later. And it was good too.
      • That is so awesome!lahoffyCDC, Fri Sep 6 4:17pm
        Keep up the commentary, it's almost like being there with you! (Still green, btw!) Love the picture, too!
      • Oh wowpacemCDC, Fri Sep 6 11:24am
        wowowowowowowowow!!! How thrilling. Love the picture!
        • such a wonderful adventure!haydencdc, Sun Sep 8 4:37am
          Thanks so much for sharing it and I'm so very glad you got to go on this wonderful adventure!
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