There will never be only one!
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Sat Sep 7, 2013 8:43pm

And your recap of the vent; also very COOL.

Reminds me of Connor's coat! *wink*nudge*giggle*

What a faboo trip for you! (Almost as faboo as coming up to see me!)

  • don't know what size this is going to belynnanncdc, Thu Sep 5 10:29pm
    Then he asked what CDC stood for, and laughed when I told him. I'm going to have him sign my mug tomorrow (he said he would), I wonder what he'll make of our motto, there can never be only one.
    • And finally, Saturdaylynnanncdc, Sun Sep 8 2:10am
      Springing from bed at the last possible moment, I dressed fast, grabbed stuff, set the DVR for a football game, and headed downtown. The parking was a little more difficult today, as the elevators go ... more
      • What a weekend!!pacemCDC, Mon Sep 9 10:48am
        You did an awesome commentary---it was like I was there with you. So glad you could share the pictures---yummy!! Adrian looks great and I didn't know he had a little boy! What a cutie! Kevin Sorbo... more
        • Adrian has a little girl toolynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 5:41pm
          Angeliese, a few years older than Royce, but I haven't seen a picture of her yet. When I do , I'll try to share.
        • It has been too long.lynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 5:26pm
          We need a partay!
          • Heck YES we need a par-tay!SharzCDC, Mon Sep 9 6:42pm
            It's VERY good to see you and hear about your weekend. It would have been so much fun to do that as a clan, eh?
    • SO COOL! — MacNairCDC, Sat Sep 7 8:43pm
      • Seeing youlynnanncdc, Sun Sep 8 3:41pm
        was actually tied with Adrian for the highlight of my summer. (and I probably spent the same amount of money, LOL)
        • nah.lynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 10:43pm
          On further consideration, seeing YOU was the best, Adrian a close second.
    • Friday - let's try this againlynnanncdc, Sat Sep 7 1:55am
      I arrived about 10 am, but the exhibit hall didn't open for VIP's until 11, so I found a comfy seat to wait in the general vicinity of the entrance, with a banana nut muffin. I determined that the... more
      • I've known that, of course, but it stands out looking at your photos --I don't know who most of these people are! Or only barely, like Kevin Sorbo. But I'm so glad you got to experience it all.
    • Thursday.lynnanncdc, Thu Sep 5 11:13pm
      VIP lanyard around my neck, I entered the world of geekdom, and strolled into the SLComicCon. I was in time to hear Mr Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno speak, then I went looking for a rest room. Wall to... more
      • well heckAnonymous, Fri Sep 6 11:17pm
        I just spent hours doing friday's runthrough, was adding photos, and somehow deleted it. We are not happy, and it's after midnight. I may try a little later. And it was good too.
      • That is so awesome!lahoffyCDC, Fri Sep 6 4:17pm
        Keep up the commentary, it's almost like being there with you! (Still green, btw!) Love the picture, too!
      • Oh wowpacemCDC, Fri Sep 6 11:24am
        wowowowowowowowow!!! How thrilling. Love the picture!
        • such a wonderful adventure!haydencdc, Sun Sep 8 4:37am
          Thanks so much for sharing it and I'm so very glad you got to go on this wonderful adventure!
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