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And finally, Saturday
Sun Sep 8, 2013 2:10am

Springing from bed at the last possible moment, I dressed fast, grabbed stuff, set the DVR for a football game, and headed downtown.

The parking was a little more difficult today, as the elevators go through Nordstrom's and THEY WEREN'T OPEN yet. But I figured it out and found my way to the Salt Palace.

First up was the panel with Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict, from the A-Team. I really enjoyed listening and watching them joke back and forth. After that, Henry Winkler took the stage, with a lot of energy as he walked back and forth to each side of the stage to be close to the person with the question. He gave an inspirational panel, despite the Q&A. He was wonderful with the children who asked questions, and often spoke about finding what you're good at. He had a learning disability growing up, and eventually learned he couldn't let negative thinking control his life. "Never put a period at the end of a negative sentence." I watched him later and was very impressed with the way he was talking with people, like they were the only important thing in his life at that moment.

Next up, was Kevin Sorbo, totally enjoyed his panel. they showed film clips before and after, and he also was constantly moving on the stage. He also talked about his foundation to help kids stay in school.

Lunch, a little pan pizza, and a hot pretzel and a semi-quiet corner to put my feet up, or at least get off them.

I was going to watch a little of the Cosplay contest, but either it was over, or moved or not held. The main stage was already filling up with VIPs for William Shatner's panel which wasn't going to start for over an hour. When he finally came out, the Jazz Bear came out and shot confetti into the crowd, He acted confused, but I think maybe he wasn't used to being upstaged like that, and when the Bear handed him s few balls to toss into the crowd, he appeared confused, but it may have been an act. Ever the showman, he walked back and forth on the stage, pretending impatience with the questions. I was happier with his panel than I thought I would be, he made me laugh, after all.

So, like a shot I was out of there, off for a few photo ops before leaving.

John DeLancie, from Star Trek
 photo pict0025.jpg

Kevin Sorbo

 photo pict0026.jpg

and Claire Coffee from Grimm

 photo pict0028.jpg

I went for more water, and sat in the food court for a bit, then thought "Stick a fork in me and call me done" Although not on my feet as long today, three days had added up. and I still had to walk back to my car. As I went outside, it was spitting rain, but I made it in time.

All in all, it was a good time, a blast from the past, and I'd do it again, if I'm physically able (hey, a good reason to lose some weight). I spent too much money, but I don't regret a single penny, except for that stirfry I had yesterday.

Meeting Adrian was the highlight, something I didn't have the nerve to do 12 years ago (everybody wanted a piece of him). The thing I noticed about the actors that impressed me most was they are aware what they owe the fans of their shows and their work, and they expressed gratitude in the way they interacted with us.

  • don't know what size this is going to belynnanncdc, Thu Sep 5 10:29pm
    Then he asked what CDC stood for, and laughed when I told him. I'm going to have him sign my mug tomorrow (he said he would), I wonder what he'll make of our motto, there can never be only one.
    • And finally, Saturday — lynnanncdc, Sun Sep 8 2:10am
      • What a weekend!!pacemCDC, Mon Sep 9 10:48am
        You did an awesome commentary---it was like I was there with you. So glad you could share the pictures---yummy!! Adrian looks great and I didn't know he had a little boy! What a cutie! Kevin Sorbo... more
        • Adrian has a little girl toolynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 5:41pm
          Angeliese, a few years older than Royce, but I haven't seen a picture of her yet. When I do , I'll try to share.
        • It has been too long.lynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 5:26pm
          We need a partay!
          • Heck YES we need a par-tay!SharzCDC, Mon Sep 9 6:42pm
            It's VERY good to see you and hear about your weekend. It would have been so much fun to do that as a clan, eh?
    • SO COOL!MacNairCDC, Sat Sep 7 8:43pm
      And your recap of the vent; also very COOL. Reminds me of Connor's coat! *wink*nudge*giggle* What a faboo trip for you! (Almost as faboo as coming up to see me!)
      • Seeing youlynnanncdc, Sun Sep 8 3:41pm
        was actually tied with Adrian for the highlight of my summer. (and I probably spent the same amount of money, LOL)
        • nah.lynnanncdc, Mon Sep 9 10:43pm
          On further consideration, seeing YOU was the best, Adrian a close second.
    • Friday - let's try this againlynnanncdc, Sat Sep 7 1:55am
      I arrived about 10 am, but the exhibit hall didn't open for VIP's until 11, so I found a comfy seat to wait in the general vicinity of the entrance, with a banana nut muffin. I determined that the... more
      • I've known that, of course, but it stands out looking at your photos --I don't know who most of these people are! Or only barely, like Kevin Sorbo. But I'm so glad you got to experience it all.
    • Thursday.lynnanncdc, Thu Sep 5 11:13pm
      VIP lanyard around my neck, I entered the world of geekdom, and strolled into the SLComicCon. I was in time to hear Mr Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno speak, then I went looking for a rest room. Wall to... more
      • well heckAnonymous, Fri Sep 6 11:17pm
        I just spent hours doing friday's runthrough, was adding photos, and somehow deleted it. We are not happy, and it's after midnight. I may try a little later. And it was good too.
      • That is so awesome!lahoffyCDC, Fri Sep 6 4:17pm
        Keep up the commentary, it's almost like being there with you! (Still green, btw!) Love the picture, too!
      • Oh wowpacemCDC, Fri Sep 6 11:24am
        wowowowowowowowow!!! How thrilling. Love the picture!
        • such a wonderful adventure!haydencdc, Sun Sep 8 4:37am
          Thanks so much for sharing it and I'm so very glad you got to go on this wonderful adventure!
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