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Finally got a chance to watch that --FANTASTIC
Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:09pm

Loved it!!!! Best HL thing I've seen in more than 10 years. It was really VERY good to hear CL's in-depth perspective of HL and Connor. To really SEE from CL as CL how he plugged into that universe, seized it, and BECAME it. I can't even imagine how radically different it would have been if ANYONE else had been cast in that role. I've never seen him talk like that. And it's AMAZING how clearly he remembers details and plot points from almost 20 years before. When, unlike AP, he didn't live that week in and out for 6 years and then keep it refreshing memories by doing the conventions.

And it was so good to see AP and CL together like that. And yeah, we were right. :)I so wish that they could have had CL do ONE episode or two eps during the series. Not "interfering" like CL expressed, but really well thought out stories that mattered. There's no question that CL could have plugged back in at any time, like he'd never been gone, and made huge contribution to the HLTV universe, its characters and relationships.

In the past six or seven years, I've started to feel like the "new interview footage" they've added to the various products was really just a milking the fans for every bit they could. Yeah, we all have VHS, and DVD, but they'll sucker us for the Blu-ray, too, if they throw through in some new extras. THIS one was worth it. Not just a re-hash. Well worth the half hour to watch it.

  • lookee what I foundlynnanncdc, Wed Sep 11 1:22am
    Adrian and Christophe discuss Highlander, and if you ask me, we had it right!
    • Finally got a chance to watch that --FANTASTIC — SharzCDC, Fri Sep 20 10:09pm
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