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Oh my goodness!
Sat Apr 5, 2014 11:14am

Hello stranger, long time no see! I wasn't a writer, just a huge fan. As you can see this board has gone fairly quiet as most of us have moved over to Facebook. I know there's several pages over there dedicated to Highlander, not sure if you've found them yet or not. If you'd like, you can email me for my FB details and I'll add you. Good seeing you again!

  • A Ghost From the PastStorie, Thu Apr 3 7:42am
    Hello! I hope you are all doing well. A few years ago I posted on this board under the name of Storie. There was also a Highlander Fan Board through which I and several others wrote fan fiction and... more
    • STORIE!!!!!haydencdc, Mon Apr 7 9:40am
      Fantastic to see you here! Missed seeing you around
      • Hey, haydencdc!Storie, Tue Apr 8 1:31pm
        It's great to hear from you! Look forward to seeing you on FB. :)
    • Wow.......Storie!!pacemcdc, Sun Apr 6 9:12am
      It has been so long. And it is so good to see you pop up here. I hope you find your way to facebook and maybe reconnect with some of those HL writers. Happy Spring! ps. and !!!WOW!!! to the Duncan... more
      • Hi pacemcdc!Storie, Sun Apr 6 3:17pm
        It's so good to see you! If you are on FB, I'd love to meet up with you there. Hope all is going well for you and yours. Hugs!
        • I am on fbpacemcdc, Wed Apr 9 4:28am
          We even have a CDC group. See you there.
    • Hello Storie!lynnanncdc, Sat Apr 5 2:29pm
      It was a sad day when HolyGround was abandoned, but fortunately The ClanCDC has stuck together, and YOU found us again. You were always a favorite visitor, and I would love to include you in my... more
      • Hi lynnanncdc!Storie, Sat Apr 5 4:46pm
        I am glad I found my way back! :) I'd love to be FB friends as well. Send me an e-mail and I'll give you the link to my FB page. It's great to see you again!
        • email sentlynnanncdc, Sat Apr 5 7:37pm
          this is what I was up to last september, a local Comic Con:
          • WOW!!!Storie, Sun Apr 6 7:24am
            You are absolutely glowing, girl! :) Attending the Comic Con = Fun! Having your photo taken with Adrian Paul = Awesome!!! I responded to your e-mail and sent you a FB friend request!
    • Oh my goodness! — lahoffyCDC, Sat Apr 5 11:14am
      • :) !Storie, Sat Apr 5 1:54pm
        I'd love to connect on FB! I've sent you an e-mail. Thanks! :)
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